Some explanation

A picture of me during my brief time as my school’s student trustee. Yeah, I don’t know how that happened, either.

Hello all! I see you’ve found my brand-spanking new website, InReview, the place where you can find my movie reviews and other opinion pieces.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mitchell Chapman, and I’ve had about two years of experience in the newspaper industry, but have been reviewing films, video games, books, you name it, for just about seven years now. It’s easy to say that blogging is in my blood, and I wanted a space that could be dedicated solely to this opinion content, be it a review or column.

With that came the idea to establish a platform, knowing that there might be others who might want to write here from time to time. As someone who started out on a blog, to various editing roles for my student newspaper, and who has written on and off again for publications like this one but aimed at video games, I realize that there could be real potential for a site dedicated primarily for movie reviews to grow, and I’m willing for this site to see its full potential.

I have ambitions of branching out into doing YouTube reviews, but for now, the blog will do. I’m always open to having guest contributors write for this site, and I am very interested in finding other writers who would inject their own unique style of reviews on here on a regular basis, growing as the site grows.

My tale starts in 2011, where I was chasing the coattails of Doug Walker and Channel Awesome, which inspired me to enroll in my college’s journalism program, which led to a career on the college’s newspaper, which saw me take on the roles of Entertainment Editor (1 year), Managing Editor (1 semester), Editor-in-Chief (1 semester), Features Editor (1 semester), and Business Manager (1 semester), in addition to a brief 6 month tenure on The Odyssey as a staff writer. I was also key to my college’s relaunch of their chapter of Her Campus, a national online lifestyles magazine, in which I was the chapter’s Campus Correspondent (akin to its Editor-in-Chief and President), and later, it’s Senior Editor. I’ve also written for The Huffington Post, Goomba Stomp Magazine, and a few local newspapers.

That’s a lot of media.

My end goal for InReview is to be something of high quality and something that I love doing. Truth be told, I love talking about movies, and I know that there’s a lot of other people that do, too. Especially now, I feel like there’s a lot of critics online that get into movie critique just because there is some money involved in it, and if you’re reviewing for that reason, you’re in the wrong industry. Despite the opportunities that the web has opened up, it’s still hard to make a living off of this, and it still takes a lot of luck.

So my goal is to make this into something that I’m proud of by doing something I enjoy; talking about movies, while serving as a sort of Editor-in-Chief of this site, as well as a curator for its content. Because if this was just me, it would get boring, and I’ve been an editor for too long to pass up the chance to collaborate and maybe get the opportunity to help bring out the best in other writers.

That was my favourite part of being an editor, in the various roles that I’ve been in; when I had the opportunity to guide other writers in ways that brought out the best in them.

And in the process, they brought out the best in me.


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