Site additions: InTheNews and more

When InReview launched a few weeks ago, it did so with the intent of being primarily an outlet for entertainment reviews, but also a place for opinions about the world and politics.

While InReview will retain its focus on entertainment, the InTheNews tab will be dedicated specifically to this “other” content, primarily opinion pieces about politics and anything non-entertainment related.

The intent is for this category to be occasionally used — don’t expect daily political opinion pieces — but as a category to be utilized when the occasion really calls for it.

I would like to thank everyone who has been following the site thus far and am excited to see where it goes in the coming months. I’m also pleased to announce some further additions to the site.

Some new faces

Scrolling through the site, you’ll notice two gaming reviews by Andrew Baillargeon, as well as a new InReview gaming tab. This was constructed to separate the game review content from the movie reviews. Andrew is a sports columnist for the MCLA Beacon and a staffer for Her Campus, and has an affinity for video games. He is currently on his summer break, and will be writing for InReview regularly.

While she has yet to debut yet, Molly Mott will also be writing from the site from time to time. Molly specializes in gaming and literature content, so InReview might be getting a “Literature” tab very soon. Molly is a great writer that I had the privilege of working with through Her Campus: MCLA, where she was the Life and Health section editor. Prior to this, she was the Poetry Editor for Spires, the school’s literary magazine. She is a recent graduate from the college.

The site will also feature other faces, whether it be one-off pieces, or regular scheduled content. The reason why I made InReview was because of the lack of accessible sites for longform opinion content, knowing that many of my colleagues were in the same boat as me in regards to where to feature their content. With that being said, I know full well what this site could be, and I’m eager to let it grow to its full potential.

If you have a piece you’d like to see featured, or would like to write for the site regularly, please email me at mitchapman14@gmail.com. I come up with a lot of the content on this site myself, but the way I see it, the more perspectives and areas of expertise I can get, the better.


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