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Kill the Bad Guys | ‘Mr Bullet’ Mobile Game Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a mobile game, and so far, Lion Studios’s “Mr Bullet” is the only one I’ve played that is worth talking about. 

“Mr Bullet” is simple but addicting. You’re an assassin/secret agent (story isn’t very important with this game) and you must defeat slews of enemies by either ricocheting your bullets off the walls of the game, or do the same with grenades. The game is a physics puzzler and as such works well on mobile, though it would work well on handheld consoles. 

Some days it just be like that.

The Modes

The game has six major modes: Classic, Grenades, Friendly Fire, Hostages, Missions and Duel, though there are unlockable minigames that are great for about 10 minutes of fun each (the minigames are pretty disposable and don’t add much value to the game). 

In Classic, you shoot through 320 levels of various different themes, such as “Bullet City” (city-themes backgrounds), “Shogun’s Castle” (feudal Japanese backgrounds), “The Penitentiary” (prison-themed backgrounds), “Graveyard” (Halloween-themed backgrounds) and much more. Classic’s only defining feature is that you can only shoot enemies and not yourself. In every game mode except for the game’s minigames, your character is immobile, meaning the sole factor you have to focus on is how to ricochet your bullets to kill the level’s enemies. Classic boasts the most level themes and the second most levels of any mode, as every other mode features themes that first appeared in Classic. 

I wonder what’s going to happen.

Friendly Fire is as the name suggests; you can shoot yourself. It boasts 108 levels. 

Grenades is also as its name suggests; you use grenades instead of bullets, which all blow up after a few seconds (you do not get to choose its intervals). Grenades introduces a throwing arc that allows you to choose the direction and intensity of your throw. There is no Friendly Fire version of Grenades, and it boasts 84 levels. 

Hostages is also as the name suggests; the object of the game is to kill all enemies without harming the level’s hostage(s). It has 84 levels. 

Missions is the hardest single player game mode, as it contains levels pertaining to the previous four game modes, but requires you to complete them in a series with a set amount of bullets or grenades. This leads to a lot of repetition and frustration, as it requires you to, at times, complete every level perfectly in order to have enough bullets to proceed. It has 90 series of levels for each mode, totaling 450 level series. 

The best part of any mobile game.

Duel is the game’s competitive multiplayer mode, where you’re randomly selected to fight against an anonymous online opponent. The game has two modes: Bullets or Grenades, with each mode having five levels of play: Training, where it doesn’t cost anything to play (all other levels require you spend in-game currency that you can earn during the single-player modes to play), but there is no reward; Beginners, where it costs 50 of the games’ currency to play, but you get 100 of it for winning; Intermediates, which costs 100 to play, but you get 200 for winning; Killers, which costs 250 to pay but has a payout of 500; and Assassins, which costs 500 to play but has a payout of 1000. Each mode of play is also tied to specific game themes, so if you’re tired of playing the same levels over again, you’ll want to upgrade. 

The game also has a medals system, which you earn after winning a match in the paid modes of Duel play. They only serve functionally to unlock higher modes of play, so beginners need not lose all of their cash by entering the high-risk hard modes right out of the gates. 

I only play the Training mode for Duel, as I’m not a fan of the game’s gambling mechanics, and I’m not a fan of the game’s two fake currencies: green dollars and red tickets. You’ll get green dollars naturally by playing the game’s single player modes, but there is a finite amount of it you can earn, as each level has a maximum of three dollars you can get collect, and the tickets you’ll almost never get by naturally playing. I understand that free-to-play games need to make their money somewhere, but with ads already regularly interrupting its gameplay, premium features just seem insult to injury. 

Overall, “Mr Bullet” is a fine distraction to occupy two to three weeks of your time, but it has little replay value once you complete it. Its Duel mode, which was added this year, keeps some life in the game, but it’s otherwise something that you play all the way through once or twice and then uninstall. 

“Mr Bullet” gets a 6/10

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