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Great Acting, A Lot of Stupid | ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Movie Review

“Zombieland” hit the theaters over ten years ago, and its sequel released recently. The film was an absolute cult classic, and had the full package for a phenomenal movie. Naturally, sequels scarcely ever outperform their predecessors, but how close did “Zombieland: Double Tap” come to doing that?

Zombieland 2 takes place ten years after the first film, with the group living in the abandoned White House. Two characters from the first film, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) run off to go their separate ways, but when a new, durable type of super zombie (nicknamed the T-800) surfaces, the remainders must chase after them to save them.

Let’s have a look, starting with the movie has going for it:

1. Woody Harrelson is just amazing

Maybe his best performance ever!

Woody Harrelson, AKA Tallahassee, was easily the best part of this whole movie. He is just absolutely flawless for this type of movie, and the script writing really brought out the best from him as well. His “I don’t give a sh** what you want” quote while dressed up as Santa Claus at the White House was so funny, it not only had tears streaming down my face, but the entire theater around me erupted in laughter as well. It is impossible to imagine this movie without Woody Harrelson in this role, easily carrying what otherwise would have been an overall below average movie into being overall quite decent.

2. Really, the acting as a whole is great

A star studded cast we expected nothing less from.

While Harrelson had an obligatory shout out, the cast as a whole was just great in this movie. Jesse Eisenberg, the main character “Columbus”, hasn’t changed a bit from the first movie over ten years ago. Columbus’ lover, Wichita also does a great job in this movie too.

3. While the story writing itself was poor, the script writing was excellent

The script writing brings out the best in every character

Witty jokes, clever liners, great “from this character’s perspective” thought processing and more. The acting was great, but the script writing set it up to succeed in a major way.

Now, let’s have a look at what didn’t go too well:

1. The story was rather bland, boring, and hard to care about

The majority of the plot seems rather pointless and somewhat rushed. It’s rather difficult to pinpoint, to put it simply, why the characters are doing what they’re doing. At first, their objective seems to be to find Little Rock when she flees from the party, then strangely turns into looking for a new vehicle upon Tallahassee’s disgust with their mini van with no real indicator what they’re supposed to be doing. The final conflict between the cast and the T-800 zombies is too cliched to seriously invest into, and seems rather awkward more than anything else. The rather uninspiring story is why this movie won’t win any general awards as a whole, and also won’t be viewed anywhere near as favorably as it otherwise could have.

2. There’s just too much plot armor

Sure, nobody wants to see Tallahassee fall to his death, dangling over a massive horde of zombies, just as nobody wants to see Columbus get ripped to pieces by a T-800 which attacks him inside a bar. Still, there were ways the cast could have survived the events of the movie without needing to have all this “oh, you only survived because it was written in the script” moments. It likely would have done the story more good to kill off an important character, especially if Zombieland 2 ends up being the last of its kind.

Grade: B+

The drawbacks of this movie are evident, but won’t stop you from having a good time watching it. It is seriously comedy gold, even if it isn’t good for much else. If you were looking for more of a traditional zombie apocalypse type movie, keep looking. Otherwise, turn the movie on and enjoy.

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