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A Psychological Masterpiece | ‘Erica’ PS4 Game Review

Born from the same cloth of many different interactive story games, “Erica” is an underrated treasure that is short, sweet, oozing with replay value, and is more than anything else, thrilling.

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about why:

1. The game’s atmosphere is perfect

This game injects emotion into the player at will, and does so perfectly. This is part of why it is such a psychological masterpiece. Seldom do you find a game which can simultaneously immerse the average player, while also getting them to genuinely question if what the video game is showing them is “real” in the eyes of the main character or not. This instills feelings of fear, tension and, to a degree, excitement. The ability to set the stage perfectly is largely what gives this game staying power.

2. This game actually blows the player’s mind

Are you being deceived here, or is this seemingly good character actually subtly benevolent? The vast majority of the supporting cast boasts questions of this calibur, and nothing is as clear cut as it ever seems. While complex games in this manner have a tendency to go too far and be a bit too confusing, the fact that the player’s choices influence so much of their own reality and can, in a way, determine the scope of the game and narrow their options and various realities, is integral in keeping the game balanced. The element of deception and trickery in this game keeps it ripe and enjoyable.

3. This game has tons of replay value

There is no tedious grind in this game, and each unique playthrough is its own unique experience. Given how many times the game presents binary oppositional choices that can shake up the core of the story, one could play through the game countless times and have different outcomes each time.

Games are rarely ever truly perfect and, all told, “Erica” is not quite the exception to that rule. Let’s review what didn’t go so well:

The controls are a little bit ridiculous

Sure, controls aren’t generally a major issue for interactive story games, and one could argue that this criticism is a bit nitpicky. Still, when a game needs its own phone app to be largely playable, that’s an immediate red flag. The controls are a bit clunky, and when action scenarios appear and the player’s reflexes are tested, this can be a bit of a problem. Even as a quality-of-life criticism, having to use a phone to control a game when there’s no particular reason the game couldn’t be built to accommodate a typical controller is a bit strange.

That’s about it, really.

Final grade: A

This is a game that should seriously be getting more attention, because it is all-around quite phenomenal. Better yet, it is available at a really cheap price, and can provide hours of entertainment and is very replayable. I would recommend this game to just about anybody.

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