InReview’s 2020 Oscar Predictions | Staff Picks

As the 92nd Academy Awards will be underway Sunday, the staff of InReview decided to release their full picks:

Darnell’s picks:


These are the movies/actors that I felt represented the best of the candidates. “1917” for sound since it had managed to work the bombastic nature of WW1 especially with its editing style. Phoenix as the Joker exceeded my expectations but I think overall I enjoyed “Jojo Rabbit” and “1917” in their respective categories the most.

— Darnell Henriquez, InReview Video Game and Comic Book Critic

Mitchell’s picks:


I’ve seen over 75 percent of the films nominated, and I get why the films that were chosen were chosen; the Academy is mostly politics, after all. That being said, I would like to point out that, in many ways, getting nominated is almost just as good as getting the Academy win.

The best films I saw from last year were “The Irishman”, “The Two Popes”, “Marriage Story” and “1917,” and I predict that they will earn the most awards. Though I am wary of “Joker,” whose political commentary and association with the character of the Joker, which saw Heath Ledger get a posthumous nod over 10 years ago, will elevate Todd Phillips’ descent into madness far higher than it deserves. For animated feature, I have high hopes for “Klaus,” but know full well that Academy politics might crown a less worthy but safer pick, which would be a shame, as no other animated feature comes close to the quality of “Klaus.”

— Mitchell Chapman, InReview Owner and Editor-in-Chief

Andrew’s picks:


Joker was a well made, modernized film which rightfully captivated audiences worldwide. It succeeded in many structural ways. It was definitely a benchmark film for 2019.

— Andrew Baillargeon, InReview Gaming Editor

Alex’s Picks:


Oscar season is heated this year and the odds seem strong for movies like “The Irishman,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and “1917.” However, “Joker” has a solid chance in some of the categories. More certain choices I can assure have a good chance include “Knives Out,” the aforementioned “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood,” and “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

— Alex Stewart, InReview Film Critic

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