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Another Jumanji Review | 2018 “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” YouTube Video Review

This is InReview’s first video review! Finally released after its initial production in early 2018.

A little backstory: In early 2018, I filmed two video reviews, and I completed editing on this one. I was using a dying laptop and hadn’t edited a video in years, so there was a bit of a learning curve. But I wanted the video to look perfect, so I held its release until I got time to do do.

Wrong move. That time never came, and I forgot about this video.

I am releasing it now, flaws and all, as a starting point for new InReview video reviews, and to accept that if we’re going to get good at this video thing, we’re going to have to be prepared to make mistakes, and it will be a while until InReview finds a video format that works for the scope of the site.

Enjoy (or cringe at the site of) this video. There will be more InReview videos to come.

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