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InReview Joins the LAMB, Triples Readership, Call for Writers & More! | InReview Site Updates

Yesterday, on Super Tuesday, InReview officially joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs (the LAMB) the largest movie blog network in the world! 

Joining the network will allow us to grow our audience and allow us to participate in a much larger blogging community we previously did not have access to. 

I started InReview almost two years ago in 2018 as a fresh-faced college graduate, starting with nothing but a journalism degree and no following. We saw some good growth that year, and we even brought on our first writer, Andrew Baillargeon, who helped establish our gaming section. 

In 2019, we tripled our readership, and added two more writers, Alex Stewart and Darnell Henriquez, who brought further stability to InReview. 

In the first few months of 2020, we’re on track to triple our readership once again, and hopefully we can add a few more writers. 

Speaking of which, if you are interested in writing for InReview, please email with the subject WRITING. In the body of the email, please provide a brief overview of your experiences writing, what you’re interested in writing about, how often you want to write (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and an example of your work if you have any (if you don’t, we’ll work together on a tester article).

InReview is currently an all-volunteer staff, but it’s a great place to build up your writing portfolio. All articles are professionally copy edited by me, and are shared on our social media platforms. So all you need to do is provide the writing, and I handle the rest.

My goal with InReview is to make it sustainable and slowly, but surely, we’re getting there. Thank you for your continued support and readership. 

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