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Another Video From the Vault | “Insidious: The Last Key” 2018 YouTube Video Review

This year, I committed to uploading at least one video per month to InReview’s YouTube channel. We had a good start in February, but those plans crashed and burned down in March, as the coronavirus greatly upheaved everyone’s lives, myself included.

With that being said, in April I finally had the time to edit this very raw review of “Insidious: The Last Key”, originally recorded in 2018, hours after I saw the film.

Two years later, my opinion of the film has shifted from C+ territory to that of a D. I rarely remember anything of the film except for its cheap jump scares, nonsensical plot, and really aweful demon that to this day reminds me of Iron Maiden’s mascots. A demon with keys for hands just isn’t scary, even in 2020.

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