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Welcome Trash | “The Wrong Missy” Netflix Movie Review

We’re reaching the point of the pandemic in which our options for fresh entertainment are limited, as what would normally be the beginning of the summer movie season has been populated by sparse releases on streaming platforms, mostly from the usual suspects, like Netflix and Amazon. Only time will tell if more big studios will follow “The Hunt,” “Trolls World Tour”, and “SCOOB!”‘s direct-to-video on demand approach. 

“The Wrong Missy” is just about everything you’d expect from a Happy Madison Netflix project, and it definitely benefits from the sharp drop in competition among new releases. The film stars David Spade as Tim Morris, a bachelor who recently met two women named Missy. One Missy is overly bizarre and over the top (Lauren Lapkus), while the other seems perfect for him (Molly Sims). The whole concept of the movie is that he invites the wrong Missy to his company retreat in Hawaii, and he slowly falls in love with the woman he’s not supposed to like. 


Even though it’s painfully straightforward, “The Wrong Missy” is competent as a comedy. It’s one of those films where you really need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Outside a few gems, Happy Madison films are not comedies you watch because they are genuinely good. They’re cheap, disposable, and you can turn your brain off while watching them. And for many people during the pandemic, new Happy Madison shlock is perfectly welcome. 

Geoff Pierson is in this movie as Spade’s boss, and he does as good a job as he can, given the ridiculous script. Pierson is a talented actor and clearly can do better, and I hope he finds better projects in his post-“Designated Survivor” career. I was genuinely confused as to why he was in the film. Maybe he owed Adam Sandler a favor. 

Nick Swardson is also in this movie, as Spade’s office buddy. His performance ranges from serviceable to painfully unfunny. A bunch of Adam Sandler’s family also have roles in this film (Jackie Sandler, for instance, plays Spade’s rival at his company), and you definitely get the feeling that the film was an excuse to give the cast a vacation in Hawaii. There’s an obligatory Rob Schneider cameo, because of course there is.

But hey, it’s a new, serviceable comedy, and there aren’t many of those coming out these days. With that being said, it’s a huge step down from last year’s Happy Madison film, “Murder Mystery.”

“The Wrong Missy” gets a 5/10

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