It’s Our Blogiversary | 2 Years Strong

On June 13, 2018, I launched InReview as an independent platform for my movie and video game reviews, having been a wandering freelancer for years. Later that year, Andrew Baillargeon joined this site, and last year, Alex Stewart and Darnell Henriquez joined us.

In March of 2020, we joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs, and we’ve tripled our readership both years we’ve existed.

In 2018, I stated: “My end goal for InReview is to be something of high quality and something that I love doing. Truth be told, I love talking about movies, and I know that there’s a lot of other people that do, too.” And for the past two years, InReview has been something that I love doing, and I am proud of the high-quality pieces I and other have been able to publish through the site.

Building a platform from the ground up is no small fete, especially in 2018 when most major online platforms for movie reviews have already been long established. InReview has been a slow grow, but it’s been rewarding.

I want to thank everyone that’s supported the blog for the last two years, and I hope we can continue our growth over the next two years. This month, we’ve passed 10,000 total website views, and we’ve been averaging over 1,000 reads a month. Our web traffic has been slowly growing, and in the coming months and years, I want to focus on maintaining consistency on the site.

Thank you for a great two years. And here’s hopefully to many more.

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