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A Great Step Forward | “PlayStation 5” Console Review

Indicative of many things occurring throughout the year, 2020 has been very hectic for the gaming industry. The PlayStation 5 has had a bumpy journey to launch and distribution, with only a very limited amount of consoles being released. It’s also quite expensive on top of being difficult to acquire. Is it worth the money and effort? This piece aims to give a post-launch impression.

Naturally, let’s examine some pros and cons, starting with the former. It should be noted that this has been written from the perspective of someone who does own a PS5.

The PS5 is extremely efficient

Load times are virtually nonexistent, the frames-per-second rate has been doubled coming over from the PS4, and overall quality of life within the system is blooming. It is easier than ever to dissect a game clip, trim it accordingly with what you want to be seen, and upload it to a video based website like YouTube. Trophies are more exciting and rewarding to earn, offering screenshots of the moment of achievement, but also including a nifty fifteen second clip of gameplay leading right into said moment. Messaging other players is faster and far less annoying, pretty much just requiring a flick of the wrist and five seconds of time to achieve. Finally, making older PS4 games work far better on the PS5 courtesy of load times reductions and, in some cases, FPS improvements makes many PS4 games feel practically remastered, new games. Overall, the PS5 is nothing if not fast, precise and overall efficient.

Sound quality is off the walls

The difference between say, Call of Duty Cold War on PS4 and PS5 in terms of audio quality is truly astounding. That isn’t to say the PS4’s is necessarily bad but rather, the PS5’s is just that much more thorough and precise. In both consoles, the player could hear zombies spawning nearby on the Die Maschine map. The PS5 user will be able to hear them grunt and groan as they approach from behind or even go to take a swing at the player, potentially enabling them to dodge said attack reactively. The sound audio in general is just a lot clearer on PS5 games than it is on PS4 games.

The controller practically massages your fingers on PS5 games and is more involved and immersive in general gameplay

It is highly recommended to make sure rumble effects are on whenever playing a PS5 game. Things like opening a door, firing a fully automatic weapon, swinging a sword or even loading into an area will incur pretty heavy rumbling that’s also fairly gentle and relaxing on one’s hands. This rumbling is frequent and serves to help reduce tension and stress in a player’s hands, that notably helps to deter sweating while handling said controller and increasing its overall longevity. Additionally, the controller itself is impacted by the specific situation the player finds themselves in during a game. When the player is firing a fully automatic rifle, the L2 and R2 will tense up and become a little harder to hold down all the way, representative of holding the trigger on an AK-47 down. When the player is attempting unarmed strikes or melee attacks, the buttons loosen up and relax considerably. Unfortunately, these features only apply specifically for PS5 games, but that’s still a nifty upgrade for the next gen console regardless.

“Post launch drought” doesn’t really exist with the PS5

Historically, newly released consoles don’t immediately come with selections loading up an entire library. That is to say, until developers start coming through with content, it can be reasonable to experience a bit of a shiny-new-toy dropoff when the player conquers a couple of games and doesn’t have much else to play. After all, not like they’re going to want to buy every single game in the library, which will limit the scope of the new gen games they can actually play.

Well, the PS5 counters this content drought. There are there plenty of games out for the PS5, more so than for a usual new console. In addition, the system is backwards compatible, so the entire PS4 library is also available – over three thousand games at that. Generally speaking, the player will not experience a significant drop off after buying the PS5. Moreover, they can confidently sell their PS4 and get some of their money back. Out of 3,070 games, less than ten of the PS4 selections cannot be played on the PS5, leaving a massive library of games that can be played. Until more PS5 specific content comes out, don’t be deterred- there will be games to play on your PS5.

For a recently released console, bugs and glitches are not a problem. Not that much, anyway.

One concern that generally comes with shelling out tons of cash for a new console is the fact that the consumer may prove to be a guinea pig for the console at their own expense. Gaffes in the hardware may make the first few waves of consoles less efficient and buggier than the next few waves, and so on.

Never fear, as the PS5 does not have these issues. Out of every PS5 specific game, only Call of Duty Cold War appears to be moderately suffering from such issues. Around launch time, Bugsnax was reportedly suffering from issues being buggy but those issues have seemingly been stamped out.

As of now, there aren’t really any particularly negative criticisms for the PS5.

It is a little early to actually grade the system, but the initial impression of it is entirely positive. If you have the means to do so, go out and get this thing.

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