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Animated Percy Jackson | “Blood of Zeus” Season 1 2020 Netflix Series Review

Although it took a while to find its feat, I’m a big fan of Netflix’s “Castlevania” series, which was made by Powerhouse Animation Studios. So it was natural for me to get into “Blood of Zeus,” another Powerhouse animated series that shares Castlevania’s animation style.

“Blood of Zeus” predictably takes place in ancient Greece, in which Zeus (Jason O’Mara) has impregnated Queen Electra (Mamie Gummer) of Corinth, who gives birth to two twin sons: Seraphim (Elias Toufexis), whose father was Electra’s mortal husband, King Periander, and Heron (Derek Phillips), Zeus’s son. Periander is portrayed as abusive, and tries to kill Electra and Heron, but Zeus intervenes, allowing them to escape, but the conflict resulted in Periander’s death.

From left: Hermes, Apollo and Ares in anime form.

Zeus left Seraphim behind, thinking him better off in his home kingdom, but his Uncle Acrisius (Danny Jacobs) tries to kill him, and later tracks him down to finish the job. Seraphim barely survives, but his surrogate mother, a former servant named Arianna (Melina Kanakaredes) is killed by Acrisius, which fills Seraphim with vengeance and hate not only for his uncle, but all of humanity. He eventually gets turned into a demon by eating the flesh of a dead giant, who fell to the Gods long ago. He then raises an army of demons by having humans feast on the carcass, set on making the Gods and the human race pay.

While it mostly focuses on Heron’s point of view, “Blood of Zeus” portrays a large scale conflict between the humans and demons which Heron and Seraphim are at the center, diametrically opposed to each other by fate. Heron, helped by his father, Zeus, is very much like Percy Jackson in his books, as he builds up a cast of allies to help save a larger world we get introduced to through his eyes. Seraphim’s only goal is to really destroy everything, especially his wretched uncle, who has since been in hiding.

Protagonist Heron gives off strong Percy Jackson vibes.

The series “villain” is Hera (Claudia Christian), queen of the heavens, and Zeus’s wife, who is enraged by his infidelity. She is absolutely spiteful, remorseless and brutal and is probably one of the most memorable iterations of the character I’ve seen on screen.

Overall, “Blood of Zeus” feels like a brutal, animated Percy Jackson show that doesn’t have to hold back on its carnage. Its animation style is great, though there are several spots where it feels a little choppy, but it can be forgiven because of its great character development, story and drama, though I admit its finale is a little bloated.

Hera is great in this as the season’s antagonist.

If you’re into anime, adult animation, Greek mythology, or Netflix’s “Castlevania”, you’ll love this show. With each episode being around half an hour and Season 1 only being 8 episodes, it’s a relatively low time investment, but is highly rewarding, full of good action and conflict.

“Blood of Zeus” Season 1 gets an 8/10

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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