Six Features “Grand Theft Auto VI” Should Have | Column from the Critic

Grand Theft Auto is a video game series that has a special place in my heart. As a film buff who was obsessed with gangster movies like “The Godfather,” “Goodfellas,” and others, this scratched the fix and got me interested on the game and remember playing Grand Theft Auto V with my high school friend. It’s definitely a great game that I thought about after my sister’s fiancé mentioned how it’s been eight years since Rockstar released a new game. This, along with an article from Screenrant got me thinking about what features would make for a compelling new installment for the series.

These ideas are based on what would make for an interesting installment that would innovate while still capturing the essence of the series. I’m not a developer, just a girl who loves the iconic Rockstar series.

  1. Female Protagonist

This is a choice that would definitely be a breath of fresh air for the series. Throughout its course, players have been introduced to numerous protagonists from different backgrounds; but none of them have been women. Saints Row and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate have had choices to play as a woman, so there’s proof to Rockstar that women can be more than eye candy and controversy-sparking punching bags for the predominantly male fanbase. On top of that, there’s no shortage of inspirations for female protagonists; shows like “Ozark,” “Weeds,” and “Good Girls” provide enough models for Rockstar for ways to introduce players to a woman taking over in the criminal underworld.

2. Rural Setting

For decades, players have been brought to Rockstar’s answer to New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Vegas. But as nice as it is to hit the town, it would be interesting to see how GTA would translate being set in the backwoods. We’ve seen elements of rural backgrounds like Sandy Shores in GTA V or significant regions like Flint County, Red County, or Tierra Robada in San Andreas, so there’s a foundation for it.

While reading articles about potential leaks saying it would be set in Vice City, I don’t see why the game couldn’t focus on the GTA version of the Panhandle with a sprinkling of the iconic city. There’s definitely a multitude of inspiration in a world of things like Tiger King and crazy, funny scenarios the likes of the Florida Man meme.

3. Rival Gang System

Like many longtime fans, San Andreas has a close to my heart. And one of my favorite features was the gang warfare between Grove Street and the Ballas. There was a challenge in growing Grove Street’s reputation and defending territory. As much as I loved it, there really wasn’t much incentive outside of eliminating the random encounters. The Lost and Damned improved it by providing weapons at the gang’s clubhouse.

Another way to enhance this is a faction system with gangs akin to Fallout: New Vegas. Each one would have a distinct aesthetic, grip on criminal activity, and perks to come with membership. It would increase replayability with each session.

4. Story DLC Expansions

While Grand Theft Auto IV isn’t my favorite in the series, there’s a lot of things that I can appreciate; I’m even one of the few who liked bowling with Roman. But one thing I especially liked was the DLC that expanded on the story and world. Hopefully, these return in VI.

5. More Buildings to Enter

When reading the list from Screenrant, my mind immediately screamed “Yes! Please!” One of the biggest disappointments fifteen-year-old me had wanted ever since my maiden adventure to Liberty City with GTA IV. The chance to go into multiple buildings and interact with the world. And while the games have expanded exteriors with convenience stores, it would be nice to do so much more. Whether it’s getting an immersive movie theater experience or robbing a bank without an entire mission surrounding it.

6. Bring Back Drug Dealing

While not given as much love as the rest of the installments in the series, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was an underrated gem. As the only game to appear on a Nintendo system (the DS), there was so many good ideas to it; making Molotov cocktails, raiding drug shipments, and a drug dealing system that operated like the stock market-buy low, sell high. I played this game constantly, even up to the release of GTA V. And as much as I loved pulling heists in Los Santos, I couldn’t help but wish that the drug dealing mechanics could be brought to the bigger titles.

It’s been eight years and three console generations, but Rockstar has only given us one game remastered and updated for online content. And while I enjoy GTA V as much as the next person, there’s so much that could be done in a future installment of the series.

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