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Inhibitor Chip Time | “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Season 1: Episode 7 “Battle Scars” Review

We all knew this was coming: “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” addressed Wrecker’s (Dee Bradley Baker) inhibitor chip, which has caused him massive headaches since the series began, and has almost activated a few times. Thankfully, “Clone Wars” and “Rebels” series regular Captain Rex (also Dee Bradley Baker) pays the group (also Dee Bradley Baker) a visit in Episode 7. Rex, haven already gotten his chip removed in Season 7 of “The Clone Wars” knows exactly how to get rid of the evil chips, which take away the clone’s free will in order for them to execute Order 66, which demands that they kill their Jedi companions and all that disobey the order.

Unfortunately, it demands that they use a medbay on a Venator-Class Star Destroyer, all of which are either in service with the Empire, or are scrapped, of commission. The group chooses the latter, and infiltrates a junkyard, almost getting killed by the monsters that made their home in the star destroyer they picked which, like Rex, was one of the first of its kind to be made.

Because we need drama, Wrecker’s chip activates before his procedure can begin, and he almost kills all of the group, if not for Omega (Michelle Ang), who distracts him just long enough for Rex to stun him with his blaster. The episode ends with the group all getting their chips removed, but still facing an uncertain future, as they must weigh joining the rebellion, starting a quiet life where they can raise Omega, or continue bounty hunting and paying off debts they’ve just been slapped with by Cid (Rhea Perlman), who they’ve been doing jobs for.

In a way, the series also stands at a crossroads, having resolved one of its only major conflicts, with paths similar to “Rebels”, and “The Mandalorian” laid out for it, though I suspect it’ll do its own thing. While I am disappointed that Wrecker’s chip activating was not as dramatic or well done as I think it could’ve been, the group still has its ex-sharpshooter Crosshair (also Dee Bradley Baker) out there, who is an interesting character because I’m not sure if it really is the chip dictating his cold indifference towards his brothers, or if he’s just that cold as a character. Whatever direction showrunner Dave Filoni goes, I’m sure he’ll make for a great series finale villain.

There’s a lot I like about Episode 7, but because Wrecker’s inhibitor chip plot line was resolved so easily when it could have been a well-crafted, painful and dramatic point in the show, I can’t help but think of the missed opportunities. On its own merits, it’s a below-average entry in the series.

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Season 1: Episode 7 “Battle Scars” gets a 6/10

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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