“Loki” Season 1 Theories | Column from the Editor

With Season 1 of “Loki” halfway done, I thought it’d be fun to go over some theories I think will happen in the show. 

All TVA workers will find out their variants or we’ll find out their origins

In Episode 3 “Lamentis”, we found out that all TVA workers were variants, but none of them knows it. Instead, they think that they were created by the lizard-like timekeepers. 

Given how mischievous Loki is, I think it’s highly possible that by the end of the show, he’ll learn how to break whatever is withholding or suppressing this info from them, leading to mass panic. Either that, or we’ll learn more about their backstories and be given a reason why they can’t know about their former identities (like if it’ll kill them). 

Loki will reunite with Mobius 

Loki is a trickster and habitual villain in the MCU, especially in his early years, which this Loki resembles. But seeing his death in “Infinity War” changed him, and despite the fact that he has done terrible things to those close to him, his actions always seem to come as a reaction to a lack of love and attention, and when it comes down to it, he does care about those close to him and he will fight — and even die — for them.

Mobius is an interesting character because, other than Thor, he’s the only character that’s attempted to really understand Loki and connect with him on a human level, and it’s clear that Loki respects him more than anyone else in the TVA, which makes Loki’s decision to follow Sylvie at the end of Episode 2 “The Variant” particularly treacherous. 

But I don’t think he’s going to leave Mobius in the dust. In fact, I expect Mobius to save Loki from Lamentis in Episode 4, and then Loki to save him from the wrath of the TVA, whom he was already on not good terms with. Loki needs a friend, and Mobius seems like he’ll be a good one.

The Timekeepers definitely have a hidden agenda

This is not the most detailed theory, but it’s clear that from their veil of secrecy, the Timekeepers are hiding something from us about their overall purpose, and the role of the TVA.

Maybe the Timekeepers are dead. Maybe they’re maintaining the “Sacred Timeline” for an evil purpose. It could be anything, but I’m convinced it’s something selfish and dark, which would keep up with Marvel’s theme of  having trusted institutions turn out to either be horribly broken or outright evil (i.e. Hydra infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., the U.S. government in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, S.W.O.R.D., Asgard’s bloody past).  

But I have a feeling that the TVA can be reformed, and that Loki and Mobius will be partners once again, because I strongly predict that we will see more than one season of this show. It’s kind of like Doctor Who starring Loki — I think it has a lot more mileage than one six-episode season. 

Kid Loki?

This whole show is about giving Loki a second chance after he previously died in “Infinity War.” And while that’s great for this show, it means that Loki will probably be absent from the mainstream MCU films. 

So far, every Phase 4 MCU show has set up something the films can use. “WandaVision” set up a stronger Scarlet Witch, a mythology for her magic, White Vision, and even her children, who I think we’ll see more of in some form. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” set up Anthony Mackie’s Captain America, a wiser Bucky Barnes, and U.S. Agent. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to think that the showrunners might adapt part of the Kid Loki story from the comics, but instead of having Old Loki take over his body, I think the showrunners will have him genuinely give Kid Loki advice as how to live a better life, which would allow them to have an emotional climax, show how much Loki has matured, and save Tom Hiddleston’s Loki for future TVA adventures, while still letting the movies have some version of Loki. 

For those of you confused, the Kid Loki comic saw Loki die and get reincarnated as a child, but instead of being raised by Odin, he had Thor. And as a result, he grew up with none of Old Loki’s baggage … until Old Loki (he goes by Ikol) takes over his mind, killing him. 

That’s not as interesting as giving a younger Loki a clean slate, effectively giving the character a second chance and allowing a younger audience to connect with the character. Besides, as great as he is, Tom Hiddleston is 40, and I’m not sure how long he’s going to want to continue playing Loki. Phase 4 so far has been all about passing the baton to new heroes; it makes a lot of sense for this show to set up a younger successor for the mantle of Loki they can use for countless future projects. 

The multiverse will be restored 

The MCU has teased about the existence of a multiverse for a long time, most notably in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, in which Beck/Mysterio claims he’s from another Earth (though he was lying). There’s also a sequel to “Doctor Strange” in the works with multiverse in the title (It’s not called “Doctor Strange in the Normal Sacred Timeline”).

Still, I don’t see the TVA’s Sacred Timeline remaining intact because having an MCU multiverse is just much more fun, as it could lead to limitless creative possibilities. If this is the case, Loki could be the series that blows the door open to MCU’s multiverse, which probably would set up “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and possibly the third Tom Holland “Spider-Man” movie (I know Spiderverse elements are only rumored, but Disney has conveniently let them fester for over a year, and at this point, people will only be disappointed if they aren’t in the film). 

When theorizing with these MCU shows, usually the simplest, most obvious route is where the shows end up going, so I see no reason why Loki Season 1 wouldn’t set up future multiverse-related projects. 

How do you think Loki Season 1 will end? What are your theories?

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  1. I’ve seen none of it, but will be watching because Hiddlestone as Loki is the best bit of the MCU for me. Will come back once I’ve seen the whole thing, but I’d be up for a Kid Loki series as you suggest; there’s endless milage in this character…

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