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Showtime, Baby! | “The Boss Baby” (2017) Movie Review

I remember when the trailer came out and I was curious to see it. After all, the only other place I would see Alec Baldwin as a professional baby was clips from SNL. And with the sequel coming out soon, I thought it would be nice to revisit this DreamWorks classic.

The movie follows Tim Templeton (voiced by Miles Bakshi, with Tobey Maguire narrating as the older Templeton), a seven-year-old only child who cherishes his time with his parents (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel). One day, his parents come home with the eponymous Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin). He discovers that the baby is part of a company consisting of babies at odds with a puppy company run by Francis Francis (Steve Buscemi), with both of them vying for the quantifiable about of love in the world.

The cast gives solid performances, with Bakshi, Baldwin, and Buscemi stealing the show. Steve Buscemi’s alliterative villain hams things up and brings the appropriate energy to the role. Miles Bakshi’s outlandish imagination and straight man approach to the story mix the absurd storytelling scenarios with a ground relatability for the kids watching and learning about this world. But here, Baldwin is the boss, baby. While I joke about Alec Baldwin’s performance coming out akin to his SNL work, the two performances are night and day. While his Trump impersonation accentuates the previous president’s inefficiencies, his work as the Boss Baby adds to the surreal world surrounding the film.

While the movie’s message is simple and universal, it’s intertwined with such a gonzo world. The world of Babyco and Puppyco have their own intertwined world and details that compliment the story. And like any kid’s movie in the modern age, a few jokes are slipped in for the adults; but unlike many other movies of its kind, the jokes feel natural and catch a chuckle. Being a rather unreliable narrator, Tim peppers fantasies akin to any kid having fun; these bring a spice to the story that leaves you guessing until the end to how much is true and how much is his imagination.

The last few times I’ve seen this movie, it was banished to FX, it really is enjoyable. The cast gives amazing performances, the story is heartwarming and pleasant with a world that compliments it, and it left me excited to see where the upcoming sequel will take it.

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