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Spice Girls | “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Season 1: Episode 13 “Infested” Review

This episode, the Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) come home to Cid’s (Rhea Perlman) parlor after a difficult mission involving gundarks (which is an Episode II reference) to find it overtaken by the crime boss Roland Durand (Tom Taylorson) and his goons. Thankfully, Cid has a plan to take it back, by distracting him by kidnapping his pet, Ruby, and by sabotaging a spice deal with the Pykes, a crime syndicate no one wants to mess with.

Her plan initially works, as the Bad Batch use a series of caves underneath her parlor that are infested with Irlings to steal the spice (in hindsight, it might not be great that Cid’s parlor is built above such an unstable, dangerous place), but her goons don’t capture Ruby long enough for Roland to not notice their plan, and his men end up confronting them in the caves, which sets off the Irlings and forces the Bad Batch to abandon the spice. This is too bad, as Roland rats them out to the Pykes, who take Omega (Michelle Ang) hostage as collateral. The Bad Batch do retrieve the spice, and Roland narrowly avoids getting killed.

This episode was just a really fun, self-contained adventure, though I suspect that we will see more of Roland and his crime family in future episodes — showrunner Dave Filoni usually doesn’t introduce a character like this and let them survive unscathed unless he wants to use them later, unless it’s a one-off fanservice cameo, like Ahsoka in Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” or Kanan Jarrus in the first episode of this show.

The end draws near for Season 1, and I suspect that Filoni will set up the show’s final arc either next episode or the one after that. It’s been a good run so far, but “The Bad Batch” has yet to reach the same heights “Clone Wars” and “Rebels” achieved, but Filoni’s “Star Wars” shows — with the exception of “Mandalorian” — are usually slow burns, and when they reach their apex, they are usually some of the best stories in the franchise.

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Season 1: Episode 13 “Infested” gets a 7.5/10

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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