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80s Direct-To-Video Cheese | “N.U.N.S. with Nunchucks” (2021) Short Film Review

InReview’s inbox is always open to independent filmmakers looking to see their film reviewed, but we never really know what to expect when someone sends a film out way. “N.U.N.S. with Nunchucks”, directed by Lorenzo Gutiérrez, is a Canadian short film that takes place in the distant future in the fictional city of Los Mutantes. The film focuses on National Union of National Spies (N.U.N.S.) agents Freda Davis (Alejandra Jiménez) and Lucille Nero (Jasmine Winter), as they recruit boxer Betty Powell (Natasha Perry-Fagant) to take down the evil leader of the Catholic Association of Quebec, Jean Versacon (Patty Keach).

After evading her lackeys, the three evade Versacon’s goons to sneak into her compound, disguised as nuns who were supposed to visit her from the Vatican … only to easily defeat those very same goons in a corny but fun action scene that indeed does involve nuns wielding nunchucks.

The film is about 12 minutes long, so there isn’t much time to focus on plot, motivations, or to flesh out any of its leads; all of the focus is on the style and presentation of the production, which looks like a cross between an 80s Cannon film and an amateur direct-to-video film commonly seen on RedLetterMedia’s “Best of the Worst.”

There’s not much here in terms of storytelling, but the short film is undeniably fun to watch, and I really dig the style that they were going for. If Gutiérrez could pair it with the right script and the right actors (most of the actresses and actors in this film gave pretty amateur performances), he could make a great feature-length film, or at least one that’s a beloved cult classic.

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