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The Super-Powered Dead | “Marvel’s What If … ?” Season 1, Episode 5 “What If … Zombies!?” Review

One thing that has kept me hooked on this show is to see how far things will go in these timelines. And even when I have an idea about an episode like this, I never know what to expect. This follows the way of last week’s on unexpected takes that left me wanting more and talking about the episode all week.

When Bruce Banner returns to Earth like in “Infinity War” to warn about Thanos, things take a turn when he crashes into the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York City to find it desolate. Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian then land on Earth, and the two are taken down by Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong. But before Banner can relax, he learns that the trio are zombified. Banner is saved by Spider-Man and learns that the zombie outbreak came after Hank Pym found his wife’s mind corrupted in the Quantum Realm. Along with Okoye, Bucky, Happy, Hope, Kurt, and Peter Parker, Bruce goes to track down the source of the outbreak and find a cure.

So far, I’ve been loving these Marvel horror episodes. The use of superheroes mixed in the zombie apocalypse makes for a lot of interesting ideas. The undead is one thing; but one with tech blasters, super soldier serum, and magic makes for zombies to be reckoned with. Another strength added to this style is that while horror takes a star role, it doesn’t mean that the heart or humor that the MCU is famous for has no place — especially with Peter Parker being the heart of the group, giving motivational speeches and even a fun training video.

The final act of the episode makes for a whirlwind of a climax. With a darker Wanda and Vision relationship with bold sacrifices that leads to a mind-boggling final shot that has the same feeling of the second episode that left me in suspense and wanting more.

Watching this, I was hyped by the ending and was excited for the next episode. These horror-themed episodes have had me hooked with how it adds a little more tension to the Marvel Cinematic Universe while still having its charm. And the details added a nail-biter of a final act that makes it an enjoyable experience for this week.

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