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Partying Like Royalty | “Marvel’s What If … ?” Season 1, Episode 7 “What If … Thor Were an Only Child” Review

The last few episodes have been on a dark streak, ranging from somber deaths of beloved characters to villains succeeding — even the collapse of the universe. But watching the beginning of this episode, with a shaven god of Thunder with a look that was more laid back, it was clear that this episode was not going to continue that trend. With a name like “Party Thor” thrown around on social media, what more could you ask for?

This timeline has Odin leaving Loki with his people and Thor being an only child. But rather than being a honorable Norse heir, he’s a playboy that would give Tony Stark a run for his money. And the first contact between the Asgardian and Jane Foster (and the rest of Earth) is a rager in Las Vegas. This gets SHIELD and Captain Marvel involved to stop the endless party Thor and many other Marvel characters across the Universe are throwing.

It’s interesting to see how this episode looks not only at how the characters’ actions affected the MCU, but also how their relationships have shaped them. Without the God of Mischief at his side, Thor is more laid back and doesn’t have to play big brother to anyone. And his relationship with Ice Giant Loki is tenser than ever before. This gets even more interesting when Jane Foster calls Frigga on Thor and Loki is indifferent to the fury of his stepmother from another timeline.

There has been a variety of genres to each episode; war, heist, horror, thriller — but now we can add teen party comedy to the list. From sneaking out to rushing to get the mess cleaned up, Thor is Ferris Bueller with the power of a god.

While this was definitely a more light-hearted affair than the last streak of episodes, the last scene is a stark reminder of how the timeline is growing more unstable. As Ultron in Vision’s body broke through a portal with an army of drones, it gave me the same adrenaline the past cliffhangers have given me. And the Watcher’s remark “I guess I spoke too soon” got me on edge as the show edges closer to the season finale.

This episode is light enough to be a palate cleanser for audiences that have been used to the melancholic feelings of the last few episodes, but it doesn’t lose the impending suspense that the other climaxes have had.

The scenario feels like every good party; a joy to partake in, but has a point where it needs to end. With fun cameos and fight scenes that are creative and engaging, this puts a smile on the face of any party pooper.

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