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An Engaging Page Turner | “The Liar Next Door” by Nicola Marsh (2021) Book Review

When you read a lot of books,  particularly when most of them are mysteries and thrillers, there will be very few books that can manage to shock you. “The Liar Next Door” by Nicola Marsh has managed to do just that and in spectacular fashion. This book was published on Aug. 23, and was impressed by it instantly. Nicola Marsh is a brilliant writer. She has managed to a weave a story around people, who are all of various shades of gray, each with their own secrets and nuances.

We are thrown into a cast of upper middle class characters the moment the book starts, but what initially seems to be an ensemble book about the lives of three woman in the neighborhood — Frankie, Celeste, and Saylor — develops into something more. As such, we are taken into one incredible twist after another, finally culminating into a major twist which I must say I never saw coming. Of course, there were also some twists I had guessed, but those were outweighed by the unexpected ones. 

But unlike books which only concentrate on shocking the reader, with few insights into the characters, this book actually took time to show all the characters for what they are — their good and their bad. It also explains who they are and why they did the things they did. And this is actually what made this book fulfilling for me. 

The author’s narrative and pacing were just on point and the mood of the book was consistently intriguing and thrilling — but not too dark. Nicola Marsh manages to create a thrilling atmosphere through without making it too hard for the reader to read. This is the perfect book for anyone who likes to read, which revolves around and is driven by human beings and their foibles and virtue. Beware if you are starting to read this book at night; you might not want to put it down and end up losing your sleep. 

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