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A Great Crime Procedural That Will Leave You At The Edge Of Your Seat | “One More Kill” by Carolyn Arnold (2021) Book Review

“One More Kill” by Carolyn Arnold is the 9th book in the “Brandon Fraser FBI” series that focuses on the agent of the same name, and was published on Oct. 19. I have to start this review saying that this is the first book of this series I am reading. In spite of that, I had a great time reading this book, to say the least. The author has given sufficient background information for any person to catch up with the people and the earlier events in the series.

The book is a fine crime procedural — so much so that, I felt like I have watched a real-life crime investigation unfold in front of my eyes. While reading about the author, I discovered that many law enforcement officials have hailed her books for being very close to the reality. I am not surprised; the author truly deserves the praises that come her way.

This story follows a team of FBI agents belonging to the Behavioral Analysis Unit, or BAU, as anyone who has watched the show, “Criminal Minds”, might be familiar with. This story follows the agents when they try to catch the person who is behind a series of killings that have been spaced apart by many years, after a recent killing resembles his MO. They all try their best to find the killer while overcoming all the personal and professional issues that spring up in their lives.

I particularly loved the way the author was able to juggle the book’s many characters, giving them each space to shine while also contributing to the overall plot. She has also paced the story in such a way that it’s easy to get into the shoes of the agents, feeling the entire gamut of emotions they must go through as they try to find and catch a very dangerous and twisted individual.

The reader will definitely get an appreciation for the type of dedication it will take to do this work to the point where it feels normal. I couldn’t recommend this book enough for anyone who loves to read well-written crime procedurals that bring you to the edge of your seat and won’t let you to stop reading.

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