Our Top 10 Posts Of 2021, According To Our Readers | Column from the Editor

With 2021 coming to a close, here are out top most read posts of the year:

10. “Aquaman” Is Actually Pretty Good | “Aquaman” (2018) Movie Review

I finally got around to reviewing “Aquaman” this year, and I really enjoyed it. After Justice League, I was skeptical of the film, as well as any DC Extended Universe projects, but I was happy to be proved wrong.

9. The Difference Between A Good ROM And A Bad ROM | “Pokemon: Radical Red” and “Pokemon: Dark Rising” ROM Hack Reviews

Andrew Baillargeon, our gaming editor, took a look at two very different ROM hacks of Pokemon; one he thought was a great example of a ROM hack; the other, not so much.

8. Best Film Of The Year | “Last Night in Soho” (2021) Movie Review

I took a look at Edgar Wright’s latest and greatest, which I declared to be the best film of the year back in November. Do I stick by that assumption? You’ll have to find out in the upcoming edition of this year’s site awards.

7. Reignite the “Legend of Spyro” Trilogy | Column from the Editor

This is one of a number of posts from past years that blew up in 2020, most likely due to the fact that we still haven’t gotten a remastered version of “The Legend of Spyro” trilogy. I grew up with that trilogy, though I played the originals when I was very young, and I still think that a remake/remaster of the “Legend” games could bring out the full potential of those games.

6. A Pokemon Hack Clearly Worth The Time To Play | “Pokemon: Crystal Clear” Game Review

Another review of a Pokemon ROM hack by Andrew, that was written in 2020, but did very well in 2021. Especially during the continuous pandemic, people seem to be always on the lookout for unique Pokemon experiences.

5. An Above-Average Shyamalan Horror Film | “Old” (2021) Movie Review

This film sits somewhere in the middle of Director M. Night Shyamalan’s filmography, not being his best outing, but also nowhere near his worst.

4. [Outdated] Death By Algorithm | “Retro Bowl” Seasons 1-5 Mobile Game Review [Free Version]

My very first review of “Retro Bowl”, from May 2020. I’ve revisited the game a few times as it has been updated, and changed for the better. The state it was in during this time earned it a rare 0/10 from me, which I stick by, though I do recommend checking out the game as it exists today.

3. Beyond Pay-To-Win Mechanics | “Retro Bowl” Seasons 6-32 Mobile Game Review [Free Version]

My review of “Retro Bowl” of the state it was in as of July 2020. Since my first review, significant updates were made, and I also wanted to comment that, at the time, the game had a significantly different experience once you got over the hurdles of the early seasons in a save slot.

I might revisit it again if enough has changed about the game to make this review irrelevant as it pertains to the current version of the game available on mobile.

2. A Huge Mess | “The Seven Deadly Sins” Season 4 “Wrath of the Gods” 2020 Netflix Anime Series English Dub Review

This is another review from 2020 that did really well in 2021. To put it simply, this show broke me, as it went to a really fun and engaging action-adventure anime, to a bloated mess of an epic that simply had too many characters. It’s animation quality and English dubbing was noticeably worse than previous seasons, and after watching this season, I just wanted the show to end.

I did see the English version of Season 5 (it’s different in Japan because Netflix counts an OVA series as Season 2), but I just haven’t gotten around to tackling it.

1. 5 “Retro Bowl” Tips | Column from the Editor

I wrote about “Retro Bowl” one more time in 2021, as since my 2020 reviews of the game, it became something I’d pick up if I had some spare time, so I thought I’d write what works for me. “Retro Bowl” in its current state is by no means hard if you understand how the game functions and where it differs from both real football and other games of its kind.

I might do another list of tips and tricks in the future, as I haven’t deleted the app yet.

And with that, we put 2021 to bed. Thank you for your continued readership. Everyone from InReview wishes you a happy New Year as we embark on whatever 2022 will bring us.


  1. Oh man, we really are on collision course, I’ve got Last Night in Soho in my worst experiences on 2021, and the same goes for Old….we’d better not be seated next to each other at any immediate event…happy new year anyway, agree or disagree, it’s a pleasure to come here and read!


    1. Same to you! I always appreciate your perspective. Here’s to an even better 2022, in which I will hopefully figure out how to get around the comment posting error on your site.


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