Looking Back At 2021 | Column from the Editor

If 2020 was the year where COVID changed the world forever, 2021 was the year we got used to it, armed with safe and effective vaccines that dented its impact and deadliness. Even as new variants make our vaccines less effective, I think 2022 should be a year for hope and optimism that we can put the pandemic to bed, and emerge from it stronger than we were before. 

Personally and professionally, 2021 has been a year of growth. I went on my first vacation since 2018 — a weeklong trip to Florida — and I felt like I got a little bit better at honing my craft, which is all you can hope for the more you keep at it. I continued my job as a page designer/copy editor and columnist at The Eagle, while producing and editing work here on InReview that I’m proud of.

In 2018, InReview started with a small staff of two writers (including me), and we garnered barely 500 views that year. Since then, our staff has doubled, and our page views have more than doubled every year. We ended 2021 with a whopping 71,000 reads, putting our lifetime reads at over 100,000 — a long way from when we started. We also just reached another milestone on the site — we just surpassed 500 posts.

With the increase in readership has come access to review screeners and copies, and we even interviewed a filmmaker and a prominent game developer in 2021, something we’re looking to do more of in 2022. We also appeared on the LAMBcast (the podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs) a few times, and might make some more appearances in 2022.

These last 3 1/2 years have been a slow but rewarding climb, and I suspect that we’re nowhere near our peak yet. 

We enter 2021 with a new staff member, Poonguzhali Arularasu, who has been contributing literature reviews and is now our primary literature critic. Everyone who has joined the site has made it stronger, bringing their own tastes and ideas, no doubt attracting readers unique to them. 

We enter 2022 hopeful and eager to see what’s next. 

Thank you, from everyone here at InReview, for your continued readership.

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