A Fast-Paced And Convoluted Suspense-Thriller | “I’ll Never Tell” by Casey Kelleher (2021) Book Review

Brilliant! That’s the one word that came to mind as soon as I finished reading this book. “I’ll Never Tell” is the first book by Casey Kelleher I have ever read and am I glad I did.

I don’t want to go much into the story of the book mainly because I don’t want to spoil any of the suspense for the other readers. To put it simply, this is the story of a woman whose past has caught up with her. It’s a comparatively small book than the other suspense thrillers I have read till now, but this is also the most exciting one I have ever read.

This story truly defines suspense-thriller. There are so many twists and turns in this book that will catch you by surprise, that it’s hard to not get stay engaged. Some twists you’ll be able to guess, but they probably won’t play out exactly as you imagine. There is thrill in the book as well, more so in the last chapters. But, the story is so convoluted that half the time you need to do some fast thinking to catch on what’s happening.

But over and above that, the story has such a strong emotional core running through it that makes us connect with the characters and their struggles. In fact, the characters are all so clearly fleshed out and the storytelling is so fast-paced and engaging that at the end of it you will feel as if you have watched a wonderful suspense-thriller movie.

Author Casey Kelleher is an intelligent storyteller who has presented an interesting tale here. I liked her style and way of storytelling so much that she is the latest addition to my list of newly-discovered favorite authors. This book is currently available in Amazon and other book stores; make sure to give it a chance if you are a book lover.

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