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“The Mandalorian” Season 2.5 | “The Book of Boba Fett” Season 1: Episode 5 “Return of the Mandalorian” Review

Around this time las year, my sister gave me and my folks access to her Disney+ account; and one of the first things I’ve watched was The Mandalorian. It was so good, I binged both seasons in an entire weekend. It’s the western I’d recommend to people who don’t like westerns. And with this episode, it reminded me of how much I loved the series.

This episode opens with Mando (Pedro Pascal) collecting bounties and showing off the Darksaber he got in “The Mandalorian” Season 2. After that, he’s reunited with his old tribe, with whom he reforges his beskar spear into armor for Grogu. He trains with the darksaber, and is challenged for it. When it’s revealed that Mando took his helmet off, he’s banished from the tribe and he goes to Tatooine. There, he receives a salvaged Naboo starfighter from Peli Motto. After giving it a test run, Fennec recruits him for the coming gang war.

As diversion episodes go, this was definitely entertaining. Watching Mando kick butt and discover what to do now that he handed Grogu to Luke Skywalker answers so many questions and feels liberating to see the liberated bounty hunter blaze his own path. The scene where he flies the starfighter made me feel like I was watching the space equivalence of a hot-rod joyride, complete with getting pulled over by Johnny Law. And yes, I did smile at the idea of seeing Grogu again.

As much fun as it was to be reunited with the Galaxy’s newest antihero, it just made me wish that we got a new season of The Mandalorian. I felt like we were going to get more this season with Boba. Mando’s presence also shows how much more character he has compared to Fett. And while I’m happy to see them onscreen again, there’s more to want with Mando, from Grogu to the life outside of his tribe.

The Mandalorian is an amazing western; and I hate westerns. It was nice to see familiar faces and return to Mando as he tries to find purpose after season two. However, being reminded of this shows how much Boba Fett pales in comparison. But all I can hope is to see how things go when the dominos that are being set up fall in the finale.

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