A Fast-Paced Thriller With Nuanced Characters | “Last Redemption” by Matt Coyle (2021) Book Review

Matt Coyle is famous for his Rick Cahill crime thriller series. I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series and this is the 8th book in it. However I was able to understand the flow of the story leading up to the events of the current book and also the important life events of the principal characters; author Matt Coyle has done a tremendous job in making it so new readers are welcome.

Rick Cahill is a private investigator who, until a year before, had taken up many intriguing and life-threatening cases in the course of his investigations. However in the past year, on the advice of his partner Leah, he has taken a backseat in his work and taken up only regular, non-threatening, employee verification work for corporations. The couple are also happily expecting the birth of their child, who is an unexpected gift for the both of them.

Rick is employed by his former partner Moira, and helps her find out if her son is violating a restraining order filed by his ex-girlfriend. He takes it up thinking it will be a regular work not involving any danger and also because he owes Moira a lot. In a way, he views this case as a means in which to find redemption for past wrongs.

However, the case soon turns out to be way more than that when he uncovers a massive fraud ring, that gets himself in a fight for his life. With danger around every corner, he must pick through conflicting accounts to get to the truth.

I absolutely loved the story. The author has a crisp, fast-paced storytelling style. But he also gets the reader invested within the emotional conflicts of the principal characters. These are not flat characters, and the author does a great job of making them nuanced with shades of gray. I didn’t feel the intrigue was beyond brilliant but nevertheless it was engaging.

All in all, it makes for a very entertaining read. In fact, if and when possible, I will be sure to check the rest of the books in the series. People who like to read fast paced thrillers with well-honed characters should definitely try this book.

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