A Sweet Love Story With Slight Intrigue | “Unmasking Sin” by Mary Lancaster (2021) Book Review

Unmasking Sin by Mary Lancaster is the third book in her Pleasure Garden series and it came out on Dec. 14, 2021. I haven’t read any of this author’s books until now and just wanted to see if I might like her writing. I am usually a fan of historical romance that have fleshed-out characters and good conflict, and discovering new good authors in this genre is always a joy.

Based on Unmasking Sin, I would say that Lancaster’s writing style is similar to authors like Sophie Barnes and Rose Pearson. This book can be classified as a sweet historical romance with gentle passion. The story features Lady Rebecca, who is twice widowed at the tender age of 22. This leads to rumors that she is a black widow with many people believing her to be the perpetrator of both her husbands’ death.

In comes Solicitor Ludovic Dunne, who is employed by the Lady’s second husband’s uncles in a bid to find evidence against her. Though initially he takes up the case intent on exposing a high society criminal, he later becomes convinced of the Lady’s innocence and does all in his power to help her.

As the story moves on, the author gives the reader a beautiful portrayal of a relationship which develops out of a mutual need to feel companionship and closeness. Both the hero and heroine have gone through painful situations in their lives and it translates in the way they handle their newfound companionship. I particularly liked the way the author made their relationship develop naturally. The story had enough intrigue and mystery to keep the reader fairly engaged and ended on a lovely note. This is a lovely, feel-good book, which will leave you feeling a little warmth in the heart.

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