A Light Romantic Suspense-Thriller | “The Legacy of Wisteria House” by Nancy Summers (2021) Book Review

Nancy Summers is another new author emerging and “The Legacy of Wisteria House” is her debut novel. I actually opted to read this book based on its cover, and I thought it would be a nice, breezy love story; I was totally mislead.

The book focuses on Victoria — a woman who lost her husband a year ago and has finally started to get her life together again. Unexpectedly, she is stalked by one of the men she had gone on a few dates with before getting a restraining order against him. Strange things happen to her in and around her house, prompting her to fear for her safety and flee from Denver to Texas, when she receives a letter from an attorney asking her to get in touch with him regarding the resolution of a will.

Little does she know that “she has jumped from hot water to a frying pan”, as she says it. Because trouble follows her to Texas, and she finds herself in a very dire situation whose secrets are revealed gradually.

Author Nancy Summer’s writing style is well-defined with elaborate descriptions. Her characters have good depth, which makes it easy for the reader to root for them. In spite of the story having many thriller elements, it maintains a lighter tone throughout, with a romance interwoven into the story, which was not excellent, but it wasn’t bad. There are some intimate scenes which have been written tastefully and gives romantic flavor to the story.

There were many elements highlighted earlier in the book that paid off quite nicely by its end. There are no loose ends left and the author has made a great attempt at telling a clever and intelligent tale.

It is quite a small book with just around 220 pages and is a quick read. If you are into small, lighter romantic suspense-thrillers, then you should definitely try this book out.

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