Why “The Quarry” Could Be One Of The Best Games Of All Time | Column from the Editor

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece talking about how Elden Ring could go down as one of the greatest games ever. There is little reason to shy away from this stance, but it’s possible that Elden Ring may not be alone atop such lofty heights, as there is another game soon to release that could join it.

Supermassive Games, developers of the critically acclaimed Until Dawn as well as the up-and-down Dark Pictures Anthology, will be releasing “The Quarry” in a couple short months. Quarry is largely considered to be the spiritual successor of Until Dawn, featuring a large cast of characters within a dynamic similar to Until Dawn. Until Dawn is considered to be one of, if not the greatest horror video games ever to the point where it was included on PlayStation’s prestigious “PlayStation hits” club, being one of the games included with a PS Plus Subscription on the PS5. If Quarry happens to be even remotely close to as successful, it too will go down as a great game.

Let’s talk about what Quarry has going for it, then discuss what it’ll take for it to become a potentially all-time great game.

A celebrity cast

Right off the bat, Quarry managed to bring some surprising names to the cast. Atop the list would David Arquette, better known as Dewey Riley from the Scream franchise. He’s not alone however, as Ted Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man), Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and Ethan Suplee (The Wolf of Wall Street) are also involved among many others.

Celebrities in this industry got to be where they are because they have a long track record of success. David Arquette, Insiduous’s Lin Shaye and Halloween 2018’s Miles Robbins have made names for themselves from within the same horror genre Quarry will be entering. While this in itself doesn’t guarantee a smash hit, it’s hard to imagine that these big names would involve themselves in something that wasn’t good, as this would potentially hinder their legacy. Plus, they’ve definitely got the experience to have at least a good idea what would and wouldn’t work well in this regard. As a result, this alone is cause for excitement in the game’s prospects.

Simple but compelling narrative

In Until Dawn, a group of eight friends essentially get stranded on Blackwood Mountain, where they’re stalked and hunted by the deadly Wendigo. In Quarry, a crew of nine will find themselves within a similar situation at a place called Hackett Quarry. Within teasers and gameplay trailers, it’s not made clear exactly what poses a threat to them, but the dynamic probably won’t be too different from Until Dawn.

This is very simple but quite effective. The setting is entirely different, the characters at least will likely be very different from Until Dawn’s cast and the antagonist will likely differ greatly from the Wendigo, as it at least initially seems to be human in some way.

For a game to be great, it doesn’t necessarily have to totally reinvent the wheel. In fact, taking what worked really well to begin with and expanding on it has quite a lot of promise.

The game will be multiplayer

Until Dawn is an entirely single player game. The next content Supermassive Games trotted out came in 2019, when they began the Dark Pictures Anthology with its first entry, Man of Medan. The main innovation introduced with the anthology was creating narrative focused interactive gaming which was multiplayer. While Man of Medan was mediocre, the next two titles in Little Hope and House of Ashes were much stronger. These had fun multiplayer experiences, which was a first for an interactive story game.

As far as Quarry is concerned, imagine if Until Dawn used the multiplayer dynamic that the Dark Pictures Anthology utilized. This has great potential, as the multiplayer in the anthology has so far gone over quite well. If the user desires, they’re still more than free to play Quarry by themselves, so this is simply addition at no expense.

Quarry has every bit of potential to one-up Until Dawn, an already amazing game, and become an elite, memorable game. Barring a rash of bugs, it at least initially looks like being an elite game is quite simply the floor, with being an all time great as the ceiling. Preorder this one, folks, as it will almost assuredly become a very safe game to invest in.

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