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Straight From the Mummy’s Mouth | “Moon Knight” Season 1: Episode 4 “The Tomb” Review

Before we begin, a quick note: I am not an expert on dissociative identity disorder, and I don’t pretend to be. So I apologize in advance for any faux pas made here and know that I will make an effort to rectify my ignorance moving forward.

I said in the last episode review that the show was starting to get good. I was familiar with the characters, the story was starting to make more sense, and the action was engaging. And watching this, the momentum kept on going. While not as action-packed as the last one, this felt like a mind-bender.

After Khonshu is punished by the gods, Steven is left unconscious, and Layla tries to help them escape two gunmen. Once Steven gains consciousness, he and Marc fight over who gets control of the body and Steven wins. He and Layla reach the tomb and race to beat Arthur Darrow to the ushabti of Ammit. After being split up, the two are set to different paths; Steven reaches the tomb which reveals to belong to Alexander the Great, and Layla has a run-in with Darrow about what Marc had to do with her father’s death.

This episode felt a lot more cerebral than previous episodes. While the tension and drama came primarily from action, a lot of this episode relies on critical thinking for the characters. You can feel the gears going through Oscar Isaac’s head as he works through the puzzles to find the ushabti. Using both Marc and Stephen, the audience can follow along to break down where the artifact. On the flip side, Layla’s confrontation with Darrow. I’ve talked a lot about Ethan Hawke being an amazing actor and this did not disappoint. Darrow knows how to crack down on the weaknesses that our protagonists have and how to get to them.

Another thing the show does that plays with the world is the psychiatric hospital scenes. Characters from the series appear as other patients and orderlies at the hospital and there’s an in-movie playing with the protagonist of that being named Steven Grant. Arthur Darrow is the director of the hospital, and it accentuates how powerful of a threat he is. It was so jarring; I had the feeling that I was watching something else, or the show was playing with some unreliable narrator angle. I won’t spoil the last scene, but it got me talking about it for some time.

This show has been getting better, and I hope to be saying this throughout the rest of the series. Steven Grant and his Egyptian mythology knowledge takes center stage, Ethan Hawke shines through, and the hospital portion is surreal. And I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

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