Ranking From Software’s Top 10 Easiest Boss Fights | Column from the Editor

Over the years, From Software has become a household name for developing particularly challenging video games. The Dark Souls trilogy, Demon’s Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne and now, Elden Ring. Of course, they’ve crafted hundreds of captivating boss fights and, in doing so, some have come out that haven’t been so overbearing, to put it mildly. Today’s piece will take a look at the ten easiest boss fights found within From Software gaming.

As a bit of a precursor, each game the company has developed has featured a ‘tutorial boss’- a boss deliberately designed to be significantly easier than other fights, as to allow the player, who may be new to Soulsborne games, to get a feel for the controls and how the game works. As such, tutorial bosses will not be included on this list.

Before we begin, we have a bit of a ‘dis’honorable mention list-

  • Old Hero (Demon’s Souls)
  • Curse Rotted Greatwood (Dark Souls 3)
  • Crystal Sage (Dark Souls 3)
  • Leechmonger (Demon’s Souls)
  • Royal Rat Vanguard (Dark Souls 2)

Without further ado, let’s get into the top ten, beginning with the “least easy” and eventually arriving upon the single easiest boss From Software has ever made.

10. Moonlight Butterfly (Dark Souls 1)

Moonlight Butterfly was an honorable mention on the coolest bosses list made recently. Pretty much the only reason it didn’t crack the list itself was due to how unbelievably easy it is to defeat. If your character is capable of even fat rolling, you should probably be able to win this fight without taking any damage whatsoever. Even if you did build a wildly overencumbered character for some reason, the magic the Moonlight Butterfly uses will hardly threaten a quick kill. It comes out slow, doesn’t do much damage, and it doesn’t even use this magic too often. If you yourself have made a magic build, you can conceivably kill this thing in 30 seconds. Otherwise, if you’re melee focused, you should be able to kill it quickly once it’s in range.

To make things even funnier, one of the NPC summons the game allows for this fight is Witch Beatrice. Beatrice herself is a magic user, so you could summon her, go AFK, and she would kill Moonlight Butterfly before Moonlight Butterfly would kill either of you. That’s how easy this fight is.

9. Witch of Hemwick (Bloodborne)

The only part about the Witch of Hemwick that’s even remotely threatening are the two NPC shadow fighters she has helping her. However, these fighters move at an unbelievably slow pace. If you somehow end up low on health, you can easily just stay away from them and this alone makes them nonfactors.

The Witch of Hemwick herself is pitiful. She has a single damage dealing attack that’s so telegraphed I could teach a dog to avoid it. It will chunk for decent damage if you somehow get hit by its low range and incredibly long casting animation time. However, it won’t come close to killing you in one hit, and because nothing else in this fight is likely to threaten you for damage, I wouldn’t blame you if you just didn’t even bother dodging it, instead favoring getting in as much damage as possible so you can move on with your play through.

If anything, the Witch of Hemwick is more annoying than she is challenging. She comes with a ‘clone’ in a sense, and once either her or the clone are killed, the other will try to perform a resurrection ritual that will revive them. So you do somewhat have to micromanage how you distribute your damage output, as you’ll want to make sure one of them is a hit or two away from death before killing the other. This is the only part of the fight that actually requires you to turn your brain on, and even if you mess it up, it’s not like you’ll die or even get damaged for it.

8. High Lord Wolnir (Dark Souls 3)

It’s possible to have this boss at half his health before he even gets the chance to swing his intimidating sword at you. This is a gimmick fight, where the player is meant to approach both of Wolnir’s large hands where they’ll find golden bracelets on both his wrists, and smash the bracelets. He has four in total, destroying three will be good enough to kill him. He’s a bit tardy to the party or so to speak, as one of his wrists is exposed and vulnerable before the fight even begins. A player with a decently strong weapon can therefore have both bracelets smashed before his health bar even loads onto the screen.

If the player isn’t able to smash both of his bracelets before he loads in, they’ll want to pay attention to a large swath of smoke accumulated behind Wolnir. If the player steps into this smoke, or Wolnir crawls forward and brings the smoke onto the player, it will kill very quickly. Fortunately, Wolnir crawling forward to do this has an incredibly long wind up, allowing easy and ample opportunity to back up. This is the only threatening part about this fight. As long as the player has either an even decent weapon or a functioning pair of eyes, they’ll cruise through this fight without issue.

7. Fool’s Idol (Demon’s Souls)

From Software should be given a bit of a break on this one, as Fool’s Idol was their first ‘gimmick’ boss fight who was meant to be handled with more strategy than just walking up to something and hitting it until it dies.

Still, it’s undeniably an extremely simple gimmick. The Fool’s Idol herself will create a bunch of clones once the fight begins. The ‘fakes’ will attack slowly while the real deal is noticeably more aggressive and is designed to be the one spawning farthest away from the player, making it very easy to determine where to go.

Even if a player didn’t know how to tell real from fake, they should still have a very easy time winning the fight. Her clones are pretty sluggish and weak. Meanwhile, the real deal takes hits like a wet piece of paper. You should probably be able to kill her before she spawns more fakes.

6. Deacons of the Deep (Dark Souls 3)

If you have an Alluring Skull, this boss pretty much cannot even damage you. Conveniently enough, the trek to reach this fight gives the player easy access to four of these, and they can be purchased in droves at the Firelink Shrine. You definitely do not need an Alluring Skull to make this fight easy. In fact, using an item to make a pathetically easy boss somehow even more trivial should be a crime.

As the name suggests, this boss fight is basically a small army of Deacons, condensed in one area. The gimmick is that only one of the roughly two dozen Deacons can actually be permanently killed- it’s this one the player needs to go for. Once this one has been dealt with, another one will receive it’s status, and this will happen 3-4 times before the fight is over. Fortunately, the one the player is supposed to attack has a big, bright red aura shining on its body, so the player won’t have to guess. The Deacons in general are incredibly sluggish and passive. Most of the fight will involve most of them simply staring at the player as they hack and slash their way through the mob to reach the one Deacon they’re supposed to kill. Occasionally, one of them might actually raise their lackluster candle sword to attack the player. If it hits, it basically does no damage, so no big deal.

The only way the player could lose this fight is if they actually go into it with a blindfold over their face. If the Deacons are left alone for long enough, a handful of them will get together and begin to cast an extremely lengthy ritual spell that will afflict the player with Curse and instantly kill them. They only ever actually do this if none of them are getting hit. Why are you fighting a boss and not attacking them? Hence the remark on only really losing if you’re blindfolded and can’t see them, thus not being able to damage them and prompting them to cast this ritual. I’m pretty sure people who have never played a video game before period could beat this boss in one try.

5. Old King Allant (Demon’s Souls)

Another boss where you pretty much have to allow them to kill you in order to lose. Old King Allant is the final boss in the game as it would be, and boy is he pathetic. At this point, he’s a giant festering ball of sludge that crawls its way over to the player and tries to damage them.

Old King Allant’s attacks do hit hard, but they’re so ridiculously slow that this should never be a problem. Even if they do, they’re strictly physical attacks, so any of the myriad of greatshields found in the game could completely minimize the breadcrumbs of threat he could impose on the player. His modest HP pool thankfully means the fight should be over soon so the player hopefully doesn’t fall asleep in the process. 

4. Maiden Astrea (Demon’s Souls)

Maiden Astrea has zero attacking moves in her arsenal whatsoever. There’s a giant cliff ledge in front of her where a player with any ranged weapon whatsoever can stand and simply shoot her until she dies. This fight is one of few on this list that can only be even marginally challenging if the player deliberately refrains from the dozens of things in the boss room that can be used to trivialize it. If you did want to actually use a melee weapon to kill her, you’d have to go through her bodyguard Garl Vinland to do this. Vinland has a meaty hammer that hits hard along with the sturdiest armor set in the game that sponges hits very efficiently. Unfortunately, he is extremely slow, both in movement speed and attacking speed. As such, you could just run right past him, go beat up Astrea and call it a day. Killing Garl Vinland will also cause her to immediately die too, so that’s also an option. Either way, this boss fight isn’t remotely challenging.

3. Miranda the Blighted Bloom (Elden Ring)

The name on this one is pretty weird, and due to its lackadaisical difficulty, I’m inclined to wonder if some From Software executive has an ex-girlfriend named Miranda or something. 

Anyway, Miranda the Blighted Bloom’s already pitiful difficulty is ruined by Elden Ring’s exclusive Poison mechanics, which make Poison in general pretty ineffective. If Miranda was in Dark Souls 1, she’d still be easy, but not so much that she would be on this list.

Miranda is essentially a giant piñata that the player can stroll right up to without issue and beat on for a minute or two. Her main gimmick is easily afflicting the player with Poison. As previously mentioned, though, Poison is very weak and will hardly deter the player in Elden Ring. Beyond this, she doesn’t have anything capable of threatening noticeable damage. So a fight against her is such where the player can very simply just walk up to her and spam attacks until she dies. No challenge whatsoever.

2. Ancient Wyvern (Dark Souls 3)

Ancient Wyvern is probably the funniest gimmick boss From Software ever developed. If the player walks up to it and starts fighting it head on, they’ll notice their attacks are doing next to no damage whatsoever. The gimmick is overcome by ignoring the Wyvern, running past it into a temple area to its side. From there, the player is meant to move through the temple, get to the rooftop hanging over the Wyvern’s head, then use a plunge attack on its head that is a guaranteed one-shot kill. Even a player with no weapon, using a bare fist, will kill instantly in this way. That’s right, you can win this fight without even equipping a weapon! Enough said- Ancient Wyvern is just this easy.

1. Pinwheel (Dark Souls 1)

Pinwheel is probably one of the most oddly paced boss fights From Software ever made. Technically, the player could reach this boss room right after the tutorial, as it’s located just underneath the Firelink Shrine. They aren’t meant to actually reach it until midgame, however, but if you looked at Pinwheel’s HP pool, you might not realize that.

A midgame character can kill Pinwheel with basic attacks in about four hits, less if the weapon is a heavy weapon. That’s all there is to it to describe how easy this fight is- if Pinwheel had about five times the HP as it should, this fight might actually be somewhat challenging. The fact you can kill Pinwheel very easily before it even gets to do anything at all is what trivializes the fight, by far making it the easiest fight From Software has made. To give an idea, Pinwheel’s skeletal minions have more HP than Pinwheel itself!

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