A Must-Read For All Historical Romance Lovers | “A Man of Legend” by Linda Broday (2022) Book Review

Wow!! A Man of Legend is a wonderful historical western and romance with a slight thrilling element. Author Linda Broday has completely captured my interest and imagination with this book. The story happens in the early 20th century and we get to witness all the new, exciting things that had started happening during those times, in the Wild West region of Texas, through the eyes of the wonderful characters of this book.

We meet Crocket and Paisley, childhood sweethearts turned enemies due to the dynamics between their families. We meet them as they connect again due to unforeseen circumstances and get to know them, while they find their way back to each other and surpass the danger surrounding Crockett’s ranch, Lone Star and Paisley.

I absolutely loved the way all the characters had been written and I particularly loved Crockett. He is lovable and a nice human being. I most specifically loved the way the progression of Crockett and Paisley’s relationship was written by the author. The story was very interesting and captured my interest almost immediately. The pace of the story was sufficiently engaging and it never let up.

The author Linda Broday is very talented and knows how to tell an interesting story. She has brought out the early 20th century alive, in front of the reader’s eyes, through this book. In fact, it got me interested to know more about that time. Working the nuances of the drastic technological changes that happened then into the story and the imagination of the impact they would have had on the minds of the people of those times, makes for an interesting point of view for a person of this century. I absolutely enjoyed this book and will be sure to check out this author’s future works.

This book is a must-read for all historical romance lovers who like stories set in the early 20th century.

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