Celebrating 4 Years Of InReview | Column from the Editor

Four years ago, InReview’s journey began. In 2018, Andrew Baillargeon joined us as our Gaming Editor, in 2019, Alexis Stewart came on as a Film Critic, and in 2021, Poonguzhali Arularasu joined the site as our Literature Critic. 

In four years, we’ve gotten over 130,000 clicks, joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs — one of my film reviews on the site even got aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes. We’ve connected with thousands of readers who both have agreed and disagreed on our takes on various topics in entertainment over the years.

For all of us, this has been an amazing journey, and it’s been great to see the site grow each year. Personally, it’s been great seeing each one of our writers develop and evolve over the years, finding their own voices. For all of us, InReview is all about writing on topics in entertainment we’re passionate about and have a lot to say. It’s an outlet uniquely our own where we can practice our passion and craft: writing.

Thank you for four wonderful years. Here’s to many more of film, video game and literature criticism and commentary. 

We’ve come a very long way from our first month in June 2018. I am excited for and hopeful of where the future will bring this site.

Thank you for all your support, from everyone here at InReview. 

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