Racy, Chilling And Slightly Scary Police Procedural | “Unstable” by Alexandra Ivy (2022) Book Review

All people following my reviews will know I review mostly either thrillers or romantic fictions. And in the past year alone, I have read quite a lot of thriller/mystery books. There were some I had to compel myself to read through to the end. There were also others that I just read through feverishly, not able to stop reading at all. I am delighted to say, “Unstable” by Alexandra Ivy, belongs to the latter category. It is the third book in her Pike, Wisconsin series and Ivy has presented an unbeatable, police-procedural thriller to her readers.

I haven’t read the previous books in the series but I was still able to follow the continuation of the story. There are very few references to the events of the earlier books and so this book can very well be read as a standalone.

The small town of Pike in Wisconsin is once again the center of a series of murders, with a darkness roaming in its midst, in the form of a twisted and perverted psychopath. A man is kidnapping women, brutally assaulting and killing them. The new sheriff, Zac Evans, feels certain that this is not regular garden-variety murder, as much as he wants it to be so. His ex-wife Rachel, a detective with the Cold Case Unit of the police department, teams up with him to catch the perpetrator when it becomes clear that the first victim, Jude Henley, is the suspect of one of the cold cases she is handling. He also seems to be the one who had started this twisted game many years before and now someone else is treading the same path trying to outdo him.

Together, Zach and Rachel comb through the past and investigate every piece of evidence and person they come across, trying their best to find out who the killer is before more women are brutalized. For each clue they gain, they are dragged at least two steps behind. You must read the book to know if and how they manage to find the killer.

Ivy has a tremendous talent for telling exciting and engaging stories. All her characters were well-defined and most importantly, they all felt real. She manages to immerse the reader into the town from the get-go and to get emotionally invested with many of the characters as well. The story flows seamlessly from one investigative avenue on to the next, all the while pulling the readers along with it on a racy chase. The brief insights the author gives into the mind of the killer are extremely chilling and scary; I was really terrified at times. And that’s what makes the story quite brilliant. The author also manages to throw some clever red-herrings into the story; I was actually surprised by the identity of the killer — I definitely didn’t see that coming.

This book gave me an exciting and thrilling reading experience after a very long time and I can’t recommend this book enough to all police-procedural lovers. Do give this a try and you will not be sorry.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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