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Welcome To Karachi | “Ms. Marvel” Season 1: Episode 4 “Seeing Red” Review

As teased at the end of last episode, on the request of her grandmother, Sana (Samina Ahmad), Kamala (Iman Vellani) and her family travel to Karachi this episode. Sana hopes that she can help her granddaughter understand more about her powers and how the Noor (the dimension that their family is from) works.

Turns out the Noor is a dimension that overlaps with the seen world, and the Clandestines want Kamala’s bangle to be able to fully have the Noor replace the seen world, which will destroy it. While out and about, she runs into a group of Noor users called the Red Daggers. She befriends a young Red Dagger named Kareem (Aramis Knight), but it’s not long until the Clandestines break out of Damage Control custody and attack them.

A good portion of this episode is a chase scene in the streets of Karachi that has its moments, both good and bad. The character moments and its portrayal of the colorful and lively streets are great, but the chase sequence itself is dull and unnecessary, and seems to only be here to serve as a spectacle. Disney needs to understand that they don’t need to cram in bloated and generic action sequences like this in their properties; it’s OK to save some money in that department to focus more on small, character-driven scenes.

As such, it takes away from the introduction of the Red Daggers and why we should care about them, and makes the episode feel bloated. One Red Dagger, Waleed (Farhan Ahktar), who is Kareem’s mentor, we barely spend two scenes with before he is killed because the showrunner saw the need to cram that chase scene in.

Overall, it leads to a really mixed bag of an episode. After last episode, I feel like the audiences needed some moments to catch their breath, especially with the introduction of the new location of Karachi and the new characters who live there, which feels rushed.

Hopefully the show can get back on track and is able to juggle not only the new characters introduced in this episode, but also the entire supporting cast from Episodes 1-3 who were left back in America.

With two episodes left, I’m not sure how the show will wrap everything up; it just has too much going on. It’s like Disney tried to condense a story better told over the course of two seasons of television into one.

“Ms. Marvel” Season 1: Episode 4 “Seeing Red” gets a 5/10

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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