Taut, Crisp And An Emotionally-Rich Thriller In The “D. I. Kim Stone” Series | “Six Graves” by Angela Marsons (2022) Book Review

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for providing an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions provided in this review are my own.

Angela Marsons is back with yet another riveting and fast-paced Kim Stone thriller, “Six Graves.” The book begins with a funeral and instantly raises the question — who is dead and would it be someone whom we have connected with a lot?

In this 16th installment, Detective Kim Stone has to butt heads with two criminals almost at the same time; one is her nemesis Symes, whose jail sentence she is responsible for, and another killer, whose identity is so very elusive that it becomes next to impossible to draw him out.

Symes has vowed revenge on the abrasive detective, in retaliation for her part in putting him behind bars. He manages to escape the prison and is closer to the detective than she thinks; he has been plotting his revenge for a very long time and wants to carry it out in the exact way he has planned, in order to make her suffer before killing her. Just when Stone gets word about Symes’ escape, she and her team are pulled into investigate what seems to be a murder-suicide of the Daynes family. She is also forced to work with the secret agent Leanne King, with whom she had abrasive dealings during a previous case, as she is assigned to protect Stone.

Symes tries to engage Detective Kim by kidnapping two girls and sending her recording of their pleas and screams. Blocked by her boss’ orders, Stone is forced to expend all her energy in to the investigation of the Daynes family, after figuring out that it was a murder made to look like a murder-suicide. Who is the person who killed more than half of the Daynes family and what is their motive? Does Stone manage to outwit Symes and rescue the girls or does she get caught in his trap? You will have to read the book to know the answers to these questions.

This is yet another gripping thriller from Angela Marsons which just powers through. The story is taut, crisp and emotionally rich. It contains enough information for new readers to follow the established storyline, while still giving some new information that will interest an old reader. Marsons has done an excellent job in drawing us in to the tumultuous and restless mind of Kim; however we also feel the sympathy she has for the victims of the crimes. The insight she provides into the mind of the psychopathic Symes was both authentic and terrifying; this only makes the story more compelling and the other characters feel real.

I like the way she tells a story. Her characters are clearly defined and their growth is properly portrayed too. I had liked the 14th book “Twisted Lies” very much and happy to say I love “Six Graves” too. She is definitely an author to watch out for.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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