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Jen Goes To Therapy | “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” Season 1: Episode 7 “The Retreat” Review

With only three episodes left, this show really needs to pick up; it has meandered long enough. This episode it does in a way — while there are no battles or high-profile court cases, Jen is forced to work on herself.

See my initial thoughts on this episode down below. This written review will go more in depth.

The inciting incident this episode comes after Jen has gone on a few successful dates with Josh from last episode’s wedding, and he has ghosted her for a few days. Emil Blonsky’s (Tim Roth) inhibitor ankle bracelet has malfunctioned, which drags Jen and his parole officer out to his retreat, Summer Twilights. However, Jen is forced to spend the day at the retreat when Man-Bull (Nate Hurd) and El Aguila (Joseph Castillo-Midyett), two residents, destroy her car while fighting.

It seems like Blonsky’s retreat specializes in providing services to superpowered people. Other residents we meet is a vampire named Saracen and a weapons master named Porcupine who refuses to take off his porcupine-themed costume, despite Blonsky’s best efforts in group therapy. A member of the Wrecking Crew, who previously tried to jump Jen at night in order to steal her blood, is also there but is not looking to cause trouble.

Out of cellphone service and feeling threatened by the Wrecking Crew member, she agrees to settle their differences in group therapy. And the group helps her work through her issues of people liking She-Hulk more than they like Jen and of the hurt she feels after Josh ghosted her. And Blonsky turns out to be a great mentor, which is a great direction for his character. He seems to be one of the few MCU characters to actually achieve true happiness.

Speaking of Josh, turns out he used her to get her blood. What he’ll use it for is unknown — I think it’ll be used to make a Hulk villain Jen will have to fight in the show’s finale.

Overall, this is one of the strongest episodes in the show, despite its lack of action. Jen goes through some truly great character development that no doubt will boost her self confidence in the show’s last two episodes. This show was on track to be painfully derivative and directionless, but I think this episode corrected its course. It just remains to be seen if it will stick the landing as its final episodes approach.

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” Season 1: Episode 7 “The Retreat” gets an 8/10

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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