Best of 2019… So Far | Staff Picks

With 2019 more than half way over, we decided to select our best movies and video games picks of 2019… so far. Best Movies ‘Toy Story 4’ Full review “Toy Story 4” is a film no one asked for and could’ve easily been a soulless sequel in the same vein as “Cars 2” and “The Incredibles 2,” but it managed to tell a story unique … Continue reading Best of 2019… So Far | Staff Picks

Why criticize art in the first place?

By Molly Mott

The trouble of writing critical articles is knowing what to write about.

There’s part of me that asks, “What’s the point?” Part of me that knows that, no matter what I say or how well you say it, no matter how many people see what I’ve written and read it in its entirety, none of it will have a real impact. It’s just an opinion online. Continue reading “Why criticize art in the first place?”