South Park: The Stick of Truth- quality, polarizing, entertainment

The following goes in-depth on a very adult-rated video game, with sensitive and potentially offensive depictions of various facets of it. Viewer discretion is advised.

When people think of the popular TV show “South Park”, numerous things likely come to mind. Silly, unforgiving, sometimes blatantly (maybe intentionally) offensive. It is not for the faint of heart. Yet, it has been appealing enough on TV to survive- and thrive- for over twenty years. In 2014, Trey Parker and Matt Stone elected to take South Park into the video game spectrum with the Stick of Truth. And boy is it a doozy. Continue reading “South Park: The Stick of Truth- quality, polarizing, entertainment”

Five Months later: A Smash Ultimate review

At the time of writing this, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been out for just under five months, ample time to have been able to play the game thoroughly, inside and out. This is a game which had been hyped up a lot before its launch. Competitively, it was supposed to be the most balanced roster yet with excellent, structurally healthy and mentally stimulating changes … Continue reading Five Months later: A Smash Ultimate review

“Happy Glass” an addicting ad-stuffed tragedy of a game

Some will look at a glass as being half-full. Others will see it as being half-empty. For the mobile puzzle game “Happy Glass,” neither really matter, as its water is polluted by pop ups ads and premium memberships.

I want to preface this by the fact that I like Lion Studio’s 2018 free-to-play puzzle game “Happy Glass” purely from the perspective of it as a game. In fact, had it been published on a traditional gaming platform like the Nintendo eShop, where monetization practices are better regulated, I would absolutely love it. Continue reading ““Happy Glass” an addicting ad-stuffed tragedy of a game”

“Path of Exile:” A new take on MMORPGs

The title may read “new take on MMORPGs”, but it is very interesting to note that Path of Exile is actually almost ten years old! Well, at least, the PC version is. The PS4 version was released on March 26, 2019, while XBox users have had access to the game since 2017. It seems to have been catching more fire on the PS4 version, as … Continue reading “Path of Exile:” A new take on MMORPGs

“Crowd City” a week worth of fun

Ever want to raise an army of mindless followers whose only goal is to infect more people to join your ranks, causing you to grow exponentially and consume everything in sight? If so, “Crowd City” is the game for you.

“Crowd City,” launched last year on iOS and Android devices and is a very simple game. For just about two minutes, you run around a 3D metropolis, adding blank white 3D person sprites to your crowd. Be careful, though, because if another player has more people in their crowd than you, they can infect and steal your followers. If you are consumed by another crowd completely, you die. The player left standing with the largest crowd earns the most stars, which the game uses to unlock skins and to level up players. When players level up, they start with more people in their crowd, with the maximum number players can start with being 45.

Continue reading ““Crowd City” a week worth of fun”

Reviewing and reassessing the demise of Telltale Games, and their impact on gaming

Until a few short days ago, Telltale Games was one of the most beloved companies in gaming. Responsible for bringing amazing hits such as Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us and, of course, The Walking Dead, to the video game world as classic interactive stories, the company played the role of, and seemed to be a titan in the industry, infallible and capable of just about anything.

Then, a few short days ago, this happened: Continue reading “Reviewing and reassessing the demise of Telltale Games, and their impact on gaming”

The Nintendo Direct of Sept 13: Letting the air out of the tires, character inclusion forecast and more

Fairly recently, Nintendo held a Direct dedicated to their upcoming Smash Ultimate title. It was great. They announced numerous new game modes, multiple new characters, and a number of great modifications to what already existed. It generated lots of hype for the game, to be released in early December, and was a phenomenal PR move.

On September 13th, the company held another Direct. This one was not dedicated to Smash in the same way, but the primary highlight, predictably, is when the company returned their focus to the upcoming fighting game extravaganza. In doing so, they introduced a new character: Isabelle, the secretary of the popular Animal Crossing series, will join the fight. Thankfully, for Animal Crossing fans, Isabelle will actually not end up a mere Villager echo; she has been listed as a totally unique fighter on Nintendo’s website. Nintendo did a number of other things, such as announce a new Animal Crossing game due to release in 2019, then called it a day. Continue reading “The Nintendo Direct of Sept 13: Letting the air out of the tires, character inclusion forecast and more”

Neverwinter’s newest idea: Bringing Barovia to gaming

The Curse of Strahd is and has always been one of the most iconic Dungeons and Dragons tabletop campaigns. A thick, rich, immersive story with endless possibilities, good for those who enjoy heavy roleplaying, and also good for those who enjoy heavy amounts of intricate combat.

Strangely, the popular MMORPG Neverwinter didn’t have anything Barovian in their game… Until recently. Module 14 was built around the DnD titan finally bringing Strahd Von Zarovich’s realm to gaming consoles and PCs. For PCs, they had a while to enjoy it until it was released to console systems on August 28th. Continue reading “Neverwinter’s newest idea: Bringing Barovia to gaming”

Nintendo’s Smash Direct: The ‘Ultimate’ trailer video

Nintendo fans everywhere rejoiced as Nintendo big wig Masahiro Sakurai graced the audience with his presence in last week’s Smash Direct. The hardworking director of the soon-to-be monstrous hit “Smash Ultimate” planned the Direct out three days ahead of time, and the hype that went into the momentous event wasn’t just well justified: it was blown out of the water, completely. New characters, new modes, even modifications to modes of old and, of course, a few cliffbreakers, highlighted the mega direct.

Let’s recap and review: Continue reading “Nintendo’s Smash Direct: The ‘Ultimate’ trailer video”

Hosted Games: A titan in its field that’s stumbled, but hasn’t fallen

In the world of online gaming apps, there are a lot of failures. Games that had potential but didn’t get their due diligence. Every now and then you have a successful game which falls flat, usually due to the higher-ups’ poor decision making in some regard. You have your “Clash of Clans” types that have a five year bask in prominence, but for every one of those, there’re 1,000 which fall flat on their faces right out of the gates. Continue reading “Hosted Games: A titan in its field that’s stumbled, but hasn’t fallen”