Why criticize art in the first place?

By Molly Mott

The trouble of writing critical articles is knowing what to write about.

There’s part of me that asks, “What’s the point?” Part of me that knows that, no matter what I say or how well you say it, no matter how many people see what I’ve written and read it in its entirety, none of it will have a real impact. It’s just an opinion online. Continue reading “Why criticize art in the first place?”

Let’s stop pretending that everything is not on the line

Elections come and go. You have your opinions, I have mine. Our social media allows us both to only see the truths about he world that we like, even putting in a few white and black lies to make us feel better every so often.

I don’t have to listen to you, nor do you have to listen to me, and we are not obligated at all in this same way to care about people from other towns, states, regions, and countries, nor are we obligated to show any sort of consideration for them. If you’re in business, it’s the exact opposite, as foreign workers are portrayed as things to be exploited for maximum profit, something you are free to do with little to no repercussions outside of the occasional bad PR. Continue reading “Let’s stop pretending that everything is not on the line”

Bullets can’t stop the truth

Journalists regularly face grave danger, especially overseas in war zones, and in countries where the government does not respect freedom of the press. The very nature of the craft, which shines light on corruption, afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted, often times puts journalists at odds with very dangerous people. I am sad to say the shooting that left five dead at the Capital … Continue reading Bullets can’t stop the truth