“Just What I Needed!” | “Sword of Xolan” Mobile Game Review

The action platformer has been around arguably as long as the Atari, but really swept the gaming industry when a little game called “Super Mario Bros.” landed on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983.  For years, it was the dominant genre in the industry, though it was replaced unceremoniously with the first person shooter when 1993’s “Doom” shook up the industry. Today, the dominant genre of … Continue reading “Just What I Needed!” | “Sword of Xolan” Mobile Game Review

“Happy Glass” an addicting ad-stuffed tragedy of a game

Some will look at a glass as being half-full. Others will see it as being half-empty. For the mobile puzzle game “Happy Glass,” neither really matter, as its water is polluted by pop ups ads and premium memberships.

I want to preface this by the fact that I like Lion Studio’s 2018 free-to-play puzzle game “Happy Glass” purely from the perspective of it as a game. In fact, had it been published on a traditional gaming platform like the Nintendo eShop, where monetization practices are better regulated, I would absolutely love it. Continue reading ““Happy Glass” an addicting ad-stuffed tragedy of a game”

“Crowd City” a week worth of fun

Ever want to raise an army of mindless followers whose only goal is to infect more people to join your ranks, causing you to grow exponentially and consume everything in sight? If so, “Crowd City” is the game for you.

“Crowd City,” launched last year on iOS and Android devices and is a very simple game. For just about two minutes, you run around a 3D metropolis, adding blank white 3D person sprites to your crowd. Be careful, though, because if another player has more people in their crowd than you, they can infect and steal your followers. If you are consumed by another crowd completely, you die. The player left standing with the largest crowd earns the most stars, which the game uses to unlock skins and to level up players. When players level up, they start with more people in their crowd, with the maximum number players can start with being 45.

Continue reading ““Crowd City” a week worth of fun”