So Far, So Good | 'Apple Knight' Mobile/PC Game Review

I’m typically not a fan of early-access type mobile and PC games, as more often than not, the format is used to peddle broken and incomplete games, passing them off as complete products.  Limitless LLC’s action platformer “Apple Knight” is arguably still in that state, but the levels it does offer are tightly-crafted experiences reminiscent of good Super Nintendo levels rather than something that is unfit for consumers.  … Continue reading So Far, So Good | 'Apple Knight' Mobile/PC Game Review

Alto’s Popup Odyssey | ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Mobile Game Review

There’s been this trend in the gaming world to praise minimalistic games for their innovation, beauty, and guts to not be as bad as mainstream games in their monetization — especially if they’re indies. I haven’t been a hardcore gamer since the early 2010s, mostly because I’ve been put off by the direction games have taken — call me crazy, but when I spend $60 … Continue reading Alto’s Popup Odyssey | ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Mobile Game Review

“Crowd City” a week worth of fun

Ever want to raise an army of mindless followers whose only goal is to infect more people to join your ranks, causing you to grow exponentially and consume everything in sight? If so, “Crowd City” is the game for you.

“Crowd City,” launched last year on iOS and Android devices and is a very simple game. For just about two minutes, you run around a 3D metropolis, adding blank white 3D person sprites to your crowd. Be careful, though, because if another player has more people in their crowd than you, they can infect and steal your followers. If you are consumed by another crowd completely, you die. The player left standing with the largest crowd earns the most stars, which the game uses to unlock skins and to level up players. When players level up, they start with more people in their crowd, with the maximum number players can start with being 45.

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