The Movie that Scores | ‘Hustlers’ Review

When watching this movie, I was reminded of my review of “The Kitchen” and how we seem to be living in a wave of movies reminiscent of traditional crime movies, but where women take the helm. “Ocean’s 8” has women infiltrate the roles previously held by the Rat Pack and George Clooney, “The Hustle” was an female led reboot of the 1988 film “Dirty Rotten … Continue reading The Movie that Scores | ‘Hustlers’ Review

Girl-fellas | ‘The Kitchen’ Review

Gangster movies are to modern cinema what Westerns were in early Hollywood. A genre defined by strong men who are willing to get their hands dirty for money, loyalty, and family. And just like how Westerns have opened themselves to re-interpretation and subversion, the gangster movie genre gets a new spin with Andrea Berloff’s “The Kitchen.” Set in Hell’s Kitchen during the 1970s, the movie … Continue reading Girl-fellas | ‘The Kitchen’ Review