Living With Your Crimes As A Zombie | “The Cured” 2017 Movie Review

2017’s “The Cured,” now available to stream on Hulu, reminds me a whole lot of the BBC show “In The Flesh,” which I enjoyed when I wasn’t watching “Doctor Who,” “Orphan Black” and “Merlin” back in the day, and indeed, it has a similar premise. Like “In The Flesh,” “The Cured” portrays a world that has conquered the zombie apocalypse, albeit “The Cured”, true to … Continue reading Living With Your Crimes As A Zombie | “The Cured” 2017 Movie Review

Dying Light’s little brother | “Days Gone” PS4 Game Review

The heavily criticized, open world zombie survival game “Days Gone” hit the shelves back in April 2019. It has been looked at rather negatively by popular video game critics, receiving a 5/10 from Gamespot, a 6.5/10 score from IGN and a 7.1/10 from Meta Critic. The game received a lot of hype over the course of its lengthy development timeline, and if you were to believe these scores, you might say it was all for naught.

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Great Acting, A Lot of Stupid | ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Movie Review

“Zombieland” hit the theaters over ten years ago, and its sequel released recently. The film was an absolute cult classic, and had the full package for a phenomenal movie. Naturally, sequels scarcely ever outperform their predecessors, but how close did “Zombieland: Double Tap” come to doing that?

Zombieland 2 takes place ten years after the first film, with the group living in the abandoned White House. Two characters from the first film, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) run off to go their separate ways, but when a new, durable type of super zombie (nicknamed the T-800) surfaces, the remainders must chase after them to save them.
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Dead Frontier — A trailblazing game that overstayed its welcome

Last week, the “Dead Frontier” franchise announced that its long awaited-sequel to its first game, fittingly named “Dead Frontier 2”, will be released very soon, and even released a trailer offering a glimpse at the highly-anticipated game.

Before it comes out, though, it would be impossible to ignore its predecessor. Despite the headline of this review, I didn’t by any means dislike DF1. DF1, when was a revolutionary game for tis time that filled every zombie lover’s biggest wishes: Take the very tried-and-true zombie formula and backdrop, and make a MMORPG with it, filled with thousands of players taking on their own custom-built personas to survive in it, either with or against each other.

While the game isn’t first person, it’s the next closest thing to “if this was in real life, would I have the wits to survive, or maybe to even thrive?” Yet, it wasn’t perfect by any means. In fact, it was truly anything but. As the game grew older and less “fresh,” its imperfections shone in a brighter and brighter, and this was not helped by a less-than-perfect developing crew. Continue reading “Dead Frontier — A trailblazing game that overstayed its welcome”

Rebuild 3 — this time, third time IS the charm

The last review I wrote spoke of a series whose third iteration totally tanked. Now I want to give focus to a trifecta of games in another series which was absolutely brilliant — the “Rebuild” series. Right in Sonny’s backyard (flash game, moderately popular for a period of time, zombie game, defunct for awhile before getting a third installment, the whole enchilada), “Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville” was an absolutely reanimating success in virtually every way imaginable. Mechanically, structurally, this game picks up where its predecessors left off and raises the bar miles high in the sky. Continue reading “Rebuild 3 — this time, third time IS the charm”