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The Clustered Calm Before The Storm | “The Book of Boba Fett” Season 1: Episode 4 “The Gathering Storm” Review

One thing I’ve heard in looking at other people’s takes on this show is complaints about how the show “ruined” Boba Fett’s character. And to that I have to say, “What character?” The three lines he had in the original trilogy? Or the Robot Chicken version of him? Now, I haven’t seen The Clone Wars series where he was in it and I judge this show on its own merits, but I do like the glimpses we see of Boba Fett as someone burned out by bounty hunting and learning the importance of community.

The episode opens with a flashback of Boba Fett as he wanders the Dune Sea and scouts Jabba’s palace. That night, he investigates an explosion and finds Fennec Shand unconscious. He takes her to get modifications from a gang of cyberpunks and once she recovers, gets her help to reclaim his ship from Bib Fortuna. After completely healing in the bacta tank, Boba and Fennec prepare to unite Jabba’s old allies against the Pyke Syndicate.

For an episode that’s mostly flashback, I really enjoyed this one. I loved seeing the relationship between Boba Fett and Fennec Shand develop and how they both met. The way they break into Bib Fortuna’s palace is intense; from the stealth to the massive fight to get Fett’s ship out, the two play off each other well. I especially felt a connection with Fennec as she went from solo renegade to enjoying the company of Boba. It’s a nice trope of the loner welcoming company that never ceases to make me smile.

As part of the contrast to previous episodes, the stuff with the gang war in the present wasn’t as interesting. And it really felt like it should be up my alley; this was the most that’s been built up and the ultimate test for Boba Fett to prove his leadership abilities. But it all feels like it should have packed more of a punch. However, the return of Black Krrsantan was enjoyable. From the minute Boba set him free last episode, I had a feeling we’d see more of him.

For a middle episode, this was relatively middle of the road. There was a lot to enjoy from seeing how Boba Fett and Fennec Shand’s partnership developed, the return of Black Krrsantan, and the pieces being set for the coming war. But the present-day stuff drags on when it should have as much weight as the promos made it out to be.

But if it can make for a worthwhile finale, it should be worth it.

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