7 Best Things “The Book of Boba Fett” Season 1 Gave Us | Column from the Editor

With “The Book of Boba Fett” officially wrapped up, here’s a list of the 7 best things Season 1 of the show gave us. While the show did not replicate the same critical acclaim of “The Mandalorian”, it still left us with some of the best moments in the franchise since Disney took the reins. 

Some mild spoilers for Episode 7. 

7. Boba’s time with the Tuskens

Disney’s live action Star Wars shows aim to flesh out the Star Wars galaxy in many of the same ways the old Expanded Universe did by allowing the company to focus on smaller stories, and Boba’s time with his Tusken Raider tribe is a great example of that. 

Tuskens have shown up frequently in the mainstream Star Wars films, but they’re usually faceless enemies — we don’t really get to know them any further than that. “The Mandalorian” changed that, particularly when Mando forges an alliance with them and the people of Freetown to take down a Krayt dragon. 

In “The Book of Boba Fett”, we get a peek into their world as they take Boba in, and he even crafts his own Tusken staff via a special ceremony. 

It’s all really great stuff, proving just how underutilized Tuskens were in all three Star Wars trilogies, and how they’re a mostly misunderstood people.

6. Mando’s new ride

The Mandalorian steals the show in Episodes 5 and 6, with EPisode 5 highlighting how he made his new ride, a custom Naboo Starfighter as seen originally in “The Phantom Menace.” 

It does stop the show dead in its tracks, and is arguably a better episode of “The Mandalorian” than it is of “The Book of Boba Fett.” But it shows how, under Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, Star Wars isn’t afraid to have fun and to admit that some things from the prequels are, in fact, really cool. 

I don’t think anyone really hated these starfighters when “Phantom Menace” came out, they were just overlooked because it was associated with the boring, confusing and crazy mess that was that film, and a lot of people didn’t like Jake Lloyd’s performance as Anakin Skywalker, who was featured prominently in one of these ships. 

5. Black Krrsantan

Originally a character from the comics, Black Krrsantan made his live action debut as muscle-for-hire that Boba Fett eventually employs to help him take out the Pyke Syndicate. 

While I think he could’ve been more fleshed out, he has been a welcome addition to the cast, and proves that Filoni and Favreau are paying attention to what the franchise is doing outside the scope of their show. Hopefully in future episodes — either in the form of a “Book of Boba Fett” Season 2, or in an episode of another live-action Star Wars show, we learn more about his history, and his relationship with Fett. 

4. A Western raid on a train

One of the most thrilling sequences in this show is when Boba Fett and his Tusken tribe take on a Pyke spice train that had been killing his people. In it, we see Fett train the Tuskens to use speeder bikes, after they taught him their style of combat. 

The actual train raid I would say is on par with the Krayt Dragon battle in “The Mandalorian.” It’s tense, well-paced, and one of the show’s most memorable sequences. 

3. Cad Bane

Cad Bane comes unexpectedly at the end of Episode 6, and almost kills Fett in Episode 7. Our space bounty hunter turned Daimyo however, survives, and defeats Bane by using the fighting techniques the Tuskens taught him. 

Fans of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Rebels” will have a deeper appreciation for this character, but he also works as just a generic scary bounty hunter who has a history with Boba. 

His look in live action works, and he proves to be a ferocious foe, and his ultimate demise is fitting for a character that has been a thorn in the side of so many heroes in this franchise. 

2. Luke Skywalker training Grogu

Some of the best scenes in Episode 6 come when we see Luke Skywalker train Grogu. While I do think it would have been better had the showrunners bit the bullet and cast Sebastian Stan as Skywalker, Luke’s de-aging effects look significantly better than they did in “The Mandalorian” Season 2 finale, which might have something to do with the fact that Lucasfilm hired the VFX artist that did a better job of de-aging Luke on YouTube.

Overall, the scenes were great world- and character-building moments for Star Wars and Grogu, and I hope we see more of Luke’s fledgling Jedi order. “The Last Jedi” went a bit too far when it claimed that Luke’s order had been completely destroyed by Kylo Ren, and I really hope that these Disney Plus shows retcon it — a surviving sect of the New Jedi Order in hiding might be exactly what the franchise needs in order to make the sequel era fertile for storytelling. 

1. Ranchor versus Scorpenek Annihilator droids

This show’s main plot of Boba Fett becoming the next kingpin of Tatooine is pretty average, but it is papered over by great fanservice, and its ending fight in particular quickly makes me forget about how Fett doesn’t work as crime boss. 

We see Fett fight two Scorpenek Annihilator droids — they’re like giant Droidekas from the prequels — while riding a ranchor. Even if you’re not a “Star Wars” fan, it’s hard to not be entertained by that. 

While the “Book of Boba Fett” would have done well to take notes from crime shows like “Narcos”, what people will remember about this show won’t be its vanilla crime boss origin story arc, or Boba’s clunky character development; like the “Star Wars” prequels, what will stick out in people’s minds are the show’s memorable moments and sequences, which stand with the best of the franchise, even if the show itself does not add up to a perfect whole. 

If it gets a Season 2, it will get better — clunky takeoffs are par for the course with Dave Filoni-led shows. Season 1 had the backbreaking task of establishing not only the template for this show, but also a ton of backstory for Boba and the supporting cast in only 7 episodes. Season 2 is where Disney will be able to shake things up by doing interesting things with that template, and I do think they will listen to the criticism they received from Season 1 in regards to Fett’s character. 

A lot of people, for instance, hated the flashy cyborg speeder bike gang Boba befriends — I saw a lot of reviews in which people hoped that a few of them would get killed off. If Favreau and Filoni are given more seasons of this show, be prepared for them to grow into its best characters — it’s exactly what happened with Ahsoka and basically the entire starring cast of “Star Wars: Rebels.” 

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