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Stopping The Apocalypse | “Moon Knight” Season 1: Episode 6 “Gods and Monsters” Review

Quick Heads Up: There will be spoilers for the finale for Moon Knight. I normally don’t do spoilers but given that this is a Marvel show and the post-credit scenes, I wanted to cover my tracks.

And so, we come to the end of the season. For a show that felt slow to get my attention, I have to laugh at how quickly covering this show has been. And there’s been a lot to enjoy; a great cast, compelling action scenes, and two consecutive episodes that had me speechless. Here’s hoping they finish off strong and make it three.

After having shot Marc and taken the avatar from him, Arthur Darrow pursues his work to release Ammit. Layla disguises into his cult as he releases Ammit. Layla frees Khonshu, who tries with no success to get her to take Marc’s place. Back in the Field of Reeds, Marc goes back to save Steven and get him back to Earth. With Marc and Steven back, Layla agrees to be an avatar for Tawaret as they fight Arthur and Khonshu faces off with Ammit.

The action in this episode has so much going on that had me engaged. From deities engaging in a kaiju-scale fight, to the hand-to-hand combat Marc and Layla have. And seeing Steven fighting was straight-up delightful. He’s truly come into his own, with a Deadpool-like fighting style and is able to take on a few baddies on his own. A lot of the choreography felt reminiscent to the Netflix Marvel shows. And the return to the lapses between violence really play with the audience. Despite not being around since episode three, it accentuates the violence and throws the viewer off along with Marc/Steven.

It wouldn’t be a Marvel property without the post-credit scene. And here, we see Arthur Darrow being released from a mental hospital and brings him to a limo. There, Khonshu introduces Darrow to Jake Longley, an enigmatic alter who kills Ammit’s former avatar without hesitation. Jake’s introduction not only sets up a possible second season or future MCU project, but also answers the questions about the lapses in violence. With some time in this revelation, I’m reminded of the Agatha reveal in WandaVision. The revelation makes watching the series a second time more intriguing as I pick through to see what other details I missed.

While this wasn’t my favorite series, this was definitely an enjoyable show. The cast does a stellar job, the action and cinematography across the six-episode adventure through this uncharted place in the MCU. It’s a lot like Eternals; different and something I can appreciate. With everything going on in Phase Four and eager to see what happens in my next adventure with these characters.

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