Quick, Witty Stories With Interesting Characters | “The Bluestocking Brides” By Samantha Holt Series Bookset

“The Bluestocking Brides” is yet another warm and brilliant historical romantic series from Samantha Holt. This is the 2nd series of her I am reading. She sure does have a knack for telling interesting stories with slightly quirky characters. 

In this series,  we see how the Chadwick sisters,  who are famously known as the Bluestocking sisters, find the one person they can’t live without. Amelia, the eldest,  2nd sister Julia, 3rd sister Emma and the last one, Catherine, all have their unique interests and eccentricities. They all are also unusually independent and self-reliant for the time period (the 1800s).

As they find their love one after the other, in the same order,  we get to understand their family and its members completely. To the society’s and their mother’s never-ending surprise,  they all end up with titled men as well –men who appreciate them for who they are and are in support of their interests. The readers definitely should definitely suspend their disbelief to an extent — I don’t think men of their ilk actually lived in that era. Keeping this fact aside,  it’s otherwise an interestingly-told series of stories of unique individuals. 

I loved the stories of Amelia and Julia more than that of Emma and Catherine, mostly because I loved the characters of their lovers. Each of the women and men were fallible but they always had good intentions. It made their journey more plausible and relatable. Not to say that the other stories were not good; they were quite engaging too. 

Overall,  it’s an engaging series from the author and you definitely should check it out if you like heartwarming stories that are short as well.

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